Monday, March 28, 2011

Real Housewives vs. Real Moms - Episode 4 Orange County

Well I'm going to have to say, these women get more and more laughable every week.  They can not actually think that there is any reality in their "REALITY" tv show.

"Housewives" of Orange County please take heed in what us Real Moms are saying here, you are EMBARRASSING those of us that strive to provide happy homes for our families.

VICKI - It can not be possible for someone of your stature that has built the empire you have with the beautiful home and amazing kids and husband to actually whine and be as needy as you are.   You chose to be friends with Tamra she pissed you off, she said she was sorry, get over it!!!  I am not Tamra fan by any means but she extended the olive branch and you just kept tearing away at it and being a big baby about the whole thing.  I mean if it was that bad what she did that you are still yapping like an over indulged Chihuahua a year later perhaps a therapist or medication is in order.  Why soooooo needy.  And if you have the time to take with Tamra why not take that kind of time with Don, and why so disrespectful of your husband on television.  That is a public humiliation to Don who was nothing but good to you and your kids for many years.  That is much worse than anything Tamra ever did to you.  But in true Vicki fashion I am sure you will find a way to whine about your love tank not being full when you obviously ignore your husband.  I really used to admire you as the Housewife you'd want to be, but man where is the gratitude for all you have, you just are whiny like having a four year old around at all times.    I really hope you are never effected by a bad economy or anything like that because I can not imagine you bitching about how hard your life is anymore, when it really is a dream existence for some.  But I will be grateful for my small home my big mortgage and my older clothes and tiny part time job without whining about anything.  Attitude of Gratitude Vicki and watch out for Tamra she is NOTHING BUT TROUBLE.

GRETCHEN - You aren't really a housewife.  But if you have to continually question marriage to Sleazy Slade, he is not the one.  Kick to the Curb and Move on.  At least make him wash his hair, he looks oily.

PEGGY - I feel that your post-partum depression really effected you and that you are coming out of that dark tunnel on the other side.  What a horrible disorder.  Beautiful babies you have and it makes it all worth it.   My hats off to you that is REAL MOM class and courage to walk through that.    When those babies get a little bigger and they get a cut, your anxiety will go way down and there will be a lot less trips to the hospital.

ALEXIS - Your dresses are pretty, but of all the Real Moms I know, I have never seen one of them in a get up like that picking there kids up from school.  I rarely sport my Manolos or Jimmy Choo's with an off the shoulder frock in car line,  I save those outfits (oh that's right I don't have those outfits because my husband insists we pay our mortgage) for the one night out on a special outing or a vacation.    But it is admirable that you are trying to make a new dress line it's a fairly cool thing.  As you're sitting there thinking of designs, remember us Real Moms.   Tamra is not your friend she totally talked trash in her sidebar interview.  Kick her to the curb.

TAMRA - I find it amusing that you blocked me off of your twitter this week.  You won't take a little jabbling from me, but you will shovel loads and loads of meanness at your "co-workers"/friends.  You talk horribly all the time about all the people you are involved with.  Step it up, your kids are looking for guidance, and unless you are ready for them to be on the next season of "Teen Mom" - CLASS IT UP.  Can you imagine the immeasurable amount of teasing that those poor kids are getting because you know their friends or friends parents are watching you do body shots, talk about new sex with a guy you dated about 3 hours, and the drunken stooper,  trips to the lesbian pond (WHAT THE HELL?) .   You are not putting those kids and their needs first.  What do you think your kids are being or are going to be tortured because you choose to consistently act like a skank on NATIONAL TV.  Get a hobby, maybe do something for charity, I don't know call me crazy but wouldn't you rather use your notoriety for something good or do you prefer the title of biggest Skank in OC????   Maybe your agent or Bravo really didn't tell you the name of this show is "REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY" it isn't JERSEY SHORE.    I'm thinking that can be the only explanation for your ignorance and total lack or respect and kindness and common sense for your kids sake.

I know that most of them could care less what I say, and I used to really want that lifestyle, but seriously now, I think that there is not a thing that you women have that would make me want to give up Real Mom status, my friends and our older cars, clothes, paid mortgages, and amazing kids with and without special needs are what makes Orange County spin.   You ladies are a facade.   I hope that there is some spiritual awakening that happens to you women so to minimize the amount of therapy your kids are going to have to go through when they get old enough to Google you and your antics.



  1. I've been reading your blog since yesterday when I stumbled upon it... love it! I totally agree and *hugs* from one real mama to another ;)

  2. So glad you like it. MERRY CHRISTMAS