Friday, May 27, 2011

We're having a Date Night

It's been so long I almost don't know how to act.  But my husband and I are having a date night this weekend.  Just the two of us, no kids, no diaper bags, no sippy cups, I don't have to bring toys into the restaurant to keep a child entertained (he has his i phone).

I have a babysitter lined up and we are planning on dinner and a movie.  We rarely go to the movies, I can't even remember the last thing we saw together at the movies, and we are going to dinner!  He has a place in mind that he wants to try we have wanted to go there for awhile and from what I've heard it isn't a kid friendly restaurant (THANK GOODNESS), so we figured date night is the perfect night to try it.

Here is my trepidation about the whole evening.  I am a fly by the seat of my pants, go with the flow kind of person and my husband is a bit more high maintenance than I am.  Let's say we had decided to go the Restaurant "A" and when we drove there it had just burned to the ground, well I would say lets just find a new place and continue, and would be completely happy with being at any restaurant where I didn't have to cook it, clean it, and got to actually eat hot food without a toddler sitting on my lap, climbing on my back or taking food of my plate.

Now if we got to Restaurant "A" and it had burned to the ground that morning and that is what my husband had in his mind where we were going, and it was now a pile of rubble, our evening would be over, or he would be profoundly irritated that he was not aware of the change of plans hours in advance so he could prepare himself, he does not roll with the punches well.  It's hard to believe that he is also the parent of toddlers and one with Autism when you don't roll with the punches.

So in preparation for our date night I got the movie tix in advance so we don't get to the theater and it be sold out, and I made a reservation for the restaurant, and the babysitter is super punctual.  So if all goes well we should have a good night.  I will even straighten my hair and put so make-up on.  I won't do the drag queen makeup job that the real housewives wear to the gym, but I will look decent and I might even wear my new cute outfit I've been saving for a special occasion. 

This Mom really needs a night out.  It has been so long.   I love my kiddos and feel a little weird saying I need a break from the madness for a couple of hours.

So hopefully we will be getting back on track with date nights.  Our marriage is in a valley right now and we have some work to do on both of our parts.  We have let everything else over the past couple of years take over our relationship, and our relationship is weakened and suffering because of it.  So we are trying to fix the cracks in the foundation. (This is where I get to ride the moral high horse over the real Train Wrecks of OC)  Between Autism, and new baby, cancer, alcoholism and this crappy economy and the financial woes that go with it, momma needs a night out and a good time.  We have to get to know each other again.   I miss my husband and the fun we used to have.  So Bridesmaids and Pizza e Vino here we come, you better be on your best behavior!!!



  1. I hope that your date night was stupendous. I can't even think of when the last time I had a real date night. Lately date night has been after the baby goes to sleep and we put our laptops to sleep! LOL!

    Brandii @

  2. The date night is tomorrow, but thanks for the well wishes :)

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  6. I need a date night with my husband :) Im your newest follower from bloggy moms, look forward to your future posts! You can find me at

  7. Fun! I forget what those are like.

    Hope it went well...

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  8. I hope you had a fantastic night and that there will be lots more of those in the near near future. Sounds like you were VERY overdue for a datenight.

    I found you through bloggmoms, like what you have to say, and now I am a follower!

  9. We haven't had a date night in awhile.. Hope you had fun in yours..

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