Monday, May 9, 2011

Real Moms vs. Real Housewives Episode 9 Real Moms Kick Ass

I watched the episode of the Real Train Wrecks of Orange County.  The last couple weeks have been pretty boring for the ladies. (I really am using the term "ladies" loosely)  There is only so much self-induced drama and narcissism that you can comment on week after week.

 In the last couple of weeks we've got Alexis crying like a baby because her husband didn't go to dinner party with her, so she hid in the bathroom,  really???? Alexis, put on your big girl panties before you go out and SUCK IT UP.  You said Jim didn't like hanging with those women, well I've watched your husband on TV and maybe there are some of the chicks that don't like him either.  He's a little bit creepy and egotistical and hypocritical, and should may be worry about paying your mortgage than hanging out with a bunch of middle aged busy bodies.    You claim to be rich, yet you short sold your house.  The funniest thing ever was when the Bellino's lawyer said the short sale or loan modification was a good business decision, and in following week's episode he spent $27K on watches.  I thought the bible said to pay your debts.  Perhaps those scriptures are to inconvenient to live by, because as Alexis says "I'll lie, and then God forgives me".    I am pretty sure that is more facial inject able brain paralysis because I'm not sure that is the teachings of the Christian church.  Yes, God does forgive, but if you choose to do wrong when you know it's wrong because Gods' going to forgive you......  might want to talk to that preacher about that.  Here is a tip based off of just plain old common sense.  Rich people pay their mortgages, and they also know the definition of couture.  Seriously,  your definition was clothes that are for the rich...... stop injecting crap into your face it's making you stupid.    I looked at your dress line $69 for a cotton sundress, well there ain't a real woman in OC I know that is buying a beach cover up for $70 from a woman who doesn't pay her bills, but good luck to ya.

Vicki and Tamra you sat there like the mean girls sitting in the back of the high school bus.  Did y'all never learn the rule, if you can't say anything nice - then don't say anything.  God, you really must think that you two got it going on.  Vicki you are horribly rude and disrespectful to your husband and have been for most seasons  (blame it on the editing).  But for the love of God, if all you have to do is talk about how much you work and how much you like to work, and how great you are at work, and how awesome you are because you work and anyone that doesn't work like you you turn your nose up to and judge.  Well I hope Coto Insurance fills your "love tank" because if you treat people that lousy forever that's all you're going to have.   And Vicki maybe so you can work less, give some of these chicks jobs so the taxpayers can stop supporting them through loan modifications.

Tamra.   You have for sure have hit the parental trifecta for public humiliation on your children.  I know, I know you don't allow your kids to watch the show.  But you can not tell me that the Botox has paralyzed the common sense part of your brain.  Do you think that the children around you aren't watching and torturing those kids at school?  Let's see, naked in a bathtub with a guy you knew about 6 days, body shots, and lesbian making out and yapping about it.  Oh and for the extra you talking about how wasted you were that you didn't even know what you were doing.  Didn't you say last year you were wasted at your party where you were trying to get Gretchen "naked wasted"?   You're 43 years old, grow up, your kids are looking to you for an example.

Reading the newspaper this morning is what set me off today,  that Peggy Tanous is delinquent for years on her property taxes and doesn't pay her mortgage and has the gall to say, the lender "wants to foreclose on us" is what really made me angry.   Here is some reality for your reality TV.   Honey, you drive a Bentley, just had plastic surgery, and obviously inject a lot of crap into your face and you choose to do that over pay your mortgage.  This was the article that sent me over the edge.    You can not be that delusional to think that plastic surgery should come before your mortgage.  Apparently all those facial inject ables do something to the moral compass of the brain of a woman in Orange County.     I am clipping coupons and coloring my own hair because my husband is a stickler for paying our mortgage, and I am doing without shopping, and manicures so I can stay home and really take care of my kids.  WTF?????   We all have lost value in our homes, that does not give you the right or invitation to put your irresponsibility onto the rest of us that are working our tails off just to keep our heads above water.    You are a cry baby about Alexis and seriously buck up and do something but bitch on this show, perhaps use the salary that you make on it to PAY YOUR MORTGAGE so the rest of us don't have to.     You are not and can not be what is portrayed as a woman or a mom of Orange County.  There is not a self-respecting woman that I know that lives here that would pull the shenanigans that you and the Bellino's have done with your homes.

Gretchen, go get your own show, go away from Slade.  Work on the voice a little you still sound like a yipping chihuahua.  Those women are poisonous, and they don't bring out the best in you, so stay in Costa Mesa and let Tamra and Vicki be jealous of you from a far.  Because for sure it is Tamra is jealous of you.  Just take the high road and be a lot classier than her. (Not that would take very much).

I began watching this show years ago because they all lived near me, and I frequented establishments that were on the show, and it was the most exciting thing that happened in this area that rolls up the sidewalks at 9pm.  But there is now a lack of Reality on this Reality TV show.  To the rest of the country,  these chicks ARE NOT in any way shape or form indicative of the class and morals of "Real Moms" of Orange County.  A "Real Mom" vs. A "Real Housewife"  is a good person, family before self, works hard, loves more, gives for their family.  There is no narcissism, no me time, no shopping before bills, we workout and go to the store without the full Drag Queen make up going on.  Real Moms do not wear La Cage Au Folles Eyelash extensions to the gym.  If we have grey hairs showing because she needed tires on her car before a beauty treatment so be it.  If she has to paint her own toes or goes without a manicure or pedicure because her kids wanted swim lessons, it's for the kids.  Real Moms are amazing and would walk through fire for the families and their friends.  Real Housewives,  there is nothing behind that you facade has to offer that I would ever give up.  You are an embarrassment to the real women of Orange County.

You really pissed me off this morning.  But that's cool, I'll get a good run out of it.



  1. Love to hate the Real Housewives - ALL of them. My newest favorite to hate is the Beverly Hills one. The funniest one ever though is the Real Housewives of New York. Last season's yacht episode was absolutely HYSTERICAL. Even funnier than that was the three-part "reunion show" where Kelly goes off on a bipolar tangent/rant about "systematic bullying" while the other women stare on incredulous, not saying anything, when Kelly suddenly goes, "you see, it's happening right now. i'm glad to have this show as a platform to talk about systematic bullying".

    I nearly choked on my ice water and lemon! Oh my goodness - so funny! It is not good to gossip about people in "real life", so these shows are a good outlet for catty gossip. Keeps you in good standing with your friends because you're then less inclined to gossip about them (well, theoretically anyway.

    Alrighty, sorry about the rambling, but I was excited to find a like-minded Real Housewives Fan.

    I found you through the FNF blog hop and am writing from: Lala Musings: Persistent Soul Mate - Humor...sort of...

    I am one of your new followers


    Rachel :-)

  2. Thanks for the follow!!! I'll check your blog out. I can't wait until the RHOC reunion show. I actually saw Tamara and Eddie out tonight. SHE IS so ANNOYING