Saturday, March 12, 2011

Braless Tata's

I have got to tell ya.  Never in all of the 30 or so years that I have worn a bra have I ever gone out in public without one.  NEVER!!!!

It took breast cancer to make it happen.  Last year after I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer, I elected to have a double mastectomy and then did breast reconstruction.  So I have after a year of expanders, implants, fat grafting, and tattooing I have a new set of TATA's.

They are not the Tata's that I grew up with.  They are not saggy, they haven't breast fed 2 children, they haven't been through weight gain and weight loss.  They are these new stand at attention, rarely move, and up so high TATA's.

So I tried something I know women especially in Orange County go out in public wearing spaghetti strap blouses and dresses BRALESS.  Well I tried it recently.  I gotta tell ya, after 30 years of ALWAYS wearing a bra, it was a little liberating, it will take a little getting used to and it is absolutely not something that I will do daily.  But when I can find a dress or blouse that I could never wear before I will now buy them and NOT wear a bra.

I am not turning into a bra burning hippie or anything like that so don't go crazy and think I've changed.  I will always love my turtle necks and bras.  But I am embracing the new TaTa's today, it has taken some getting used to but I am choosing to look at the good of the whole CANCER thing.  I am better, I am cancer free, I am a survivor, I will get the incredible gift of seeing my boys grow to be men.  The new Tata's and going braless were just the ribbon on the big gift that was wrapped for me.



  1. LOL you go girl!!! What is the tattooing for? Is that for the areolas? So no bright lights when it gets cold? You got me wondering now.

    You are one awesome and strong woman!

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  3. I'm a modest girl, by the way. I dont hope someone notices. Quite the opposite. If it's noticed I've never been told. Tasteful is the key. I just happen to despise undergarments cutting into my skin and creeping into my cracks. I appreciate the feel of not being confined by those things or the rules set by a culture generations before me. Study up on it. You'll be amazed.