Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Real Housewives of Wherever vs. Real Moms of OC

As I was home sick today I got hooked into a Real Housewives (Train wrecks) of Orange County Marathon.  OMG!!!  I am so entertained by the lack of reality on reality television.  Really, what planet do these women think they are on???

When I started watching that show (and the rest of the franchise) it was a mindless novelty.  I was working, shopping, going the places in Orange County that they went.  We were newly married and had a semi decent discretionary income to play with.  Well needless to say, my life has changed drastically since the show started.  And some of their lives have also changed dramatically (even though they would dispute that fact).

The Real Moms of OC would like to take on the Real Housewives.  Since there is so much reality in my life and the other women that I know, I want to point out the difference between a Real Mom vs. "Real" Housewife.

Jeana Keough - Woman you are a hard working beautiful woman, but you WHINE too much.  I like you and your daughter.  Your sons on a couple episodes I watched today were so horribly rude and disrespectful, perhaps you should have spanked them as children, or maybe not bought them $40,000 cars when they turned 16 years old?????  Just sayin'.   I love that you're a powerful Real Estate Agent and do well in the big homes. I am sure I could learn something from you in that arena.   Take some advice from a REAL MOM, save some money for a rainy day.  You and your kids do not always need the most expensive and always have to have something just for the sake of your instant gratification.  If you are having to ask you friends for loans maybe going to the St Regis for a $300 lunch - not necessary.  In the Real Moms world if we are broke, we bring lunch to the park and meet each other for good company, we aren't there to impress each other because we can go to the St Regis.  Also, I know you left housewives and went on another Bravo show about weight loss.  WOMAN!!!!  Seriously, you belong to 7 gyms and have a personal chef.  Do you know how many real moms would kill for that, and wouldn't whine about not being able to lose weight.  I admire your accomplishments in Real Estate, however, I would rather be in my life, my much smaller life than yours and be grateful that I have what I have.

Vicki Gunvalson - Vicki is one I like for the most part, her daughter is sweet and hardworking and her son is a little bit of a spoiled OC punk, but I think he's working now and (hopefully) lost some of that entitlement ego he had.  She is a really hardworking and driven woman.  That is admirable since she seems to be the only one on RHOOC that is actually able to keep her home because she does work so hard.  But she isn't the nicest to other women.  If you don't work like her, or think like her she calls you 'effing looney.  If you warrant more attention than her she DESPISES that and you for taking the focus off of her.   I watched a few episodes today and she is more happy about material stuff than with any people around her.  She treated her husband poorly and put him very far down on the priority list.    A REAL MOM that works and has a family, doesn't tell her husband constantly that he isn't invited on family vacations.  And don't get mad at everyone because you work and sometimes people make choice to go out and enjoy their life on a weekday.

Tamara Barney - YIKES!!! Where to start with this broad???  She is the self-proclaimed Hottest Housewife.  Alrighty.  She is horribly two - faced in shows I watched today, she is rude, and pretty classless, even her husband sent her to etiquette class. Superficial, judge mental and completely phoey.   She appears to be just a flat out witch, she really thinks she's something because she gets botox and has implants.    She says nothing nice about people, even the ones she calls her friends.    There is nothing about this "housewife" that is REAL MOM.  The second the economy hit this family hard the relationship and marriage crumbled like a sand castle.  They built a home and used it as and ATM machine for jewelery, Cars, Yachts, and plastic surgery obviously.  As soon as that well dried up she was all of a sudden unhappy with her husband. SHOCKING!!!!   In Tamara's defense, her husband really was kind of a drip and didn't have much of a sense of humor or personality.   Her oldest son has been in jail, and is a complete no talent.  Was living on unemployment in their home and had money for tattoos and $400 jeans. WAY TO RAISE A WINNER!!!  He is a spoiled OC punk that it is doubtful that he will ever contribute anything of value to the world.  Difference between a REAL MOM and Tamara is that Tamara rarely puts her kids  first and is more concerned about her appearance than the kids upbringing.  She is just a mean girl.  There isn't too much about her that is attractive as a person.  I know her looks are hot but how far can that get you.  It doesn't seem to have served her so well because all her "Stuff" and everything now has her living in an apartment.   Tamara, you might want to consider coming over to the Mom side of the aisle,  we don't get our friends "Naked Wasted" and purposely try to make others look bad.  We could teach you how to be kind to people.  You should try it.

Lynne Curtain - Well for starters, she is in incredible shape and works out for hours a day. That is admirable.  However, you may have wanted to spend some of that time teaching your daughters some values.  How do you have a child that ends up in the high school for the disciplinary problems???  How do you let your kid graduate high school, and do nothing for 2 years??????   I see how you did it, you rewarded her with a BMW!!!!!   - I heard Lynne say several times today "I don't condone it, but that's what teenagers do."  - Lynne - only if you let them.  The world is waiting with baited breath to see what those daughters have to offer the world.    And if you are renting a house, and you are getting evicted from it maybe getting a facelift and a nose job for your daughter is the best use of your families money.  Hopefully, your business takes off with your cuffs and stuff.  I've seen them at a few Orange County stores, and it's not something this REAL MOM can afford, but hopefully it will do well for your family.

Gretchen Rossi - Well she's not a housewife and not a mother.  She's a young woman with a good business head.  Gretchen, take this with a grain of salt from a REAL MOM.  Run do not walk away from Slade.  He is a douchtastic, he is just kind slimy and gross.  He might be cute and all but he is ..... ICK.

Alexis Bellino - She is the mother of 3 with 2 nannies.  In the world of REAL MOMS, that isn't a real mom.  Why have kids if you aren't going to love and care for them??????  It is completely clear watching this woman that if her husband ran out of money she would RUN in the other direction.  Her husband is WAY sleazy and has beady eyes.  She's a little bit narcissistic and a lot full of herself.  In the news recently her home is in foreclosure and blah blah blah.  They say it was the banks mistake.  Really? The banks mistake that you can't afford to make your payments but you can afford a 7 carat necklace, and spin classes, and lunches with your friends, and 2 nannies, and botox, shopping.  Whatever.  Just another  woman obsessed with Stuff.   Over the summer her husband and her were at the Balboa Bay Club and (apparently they didn't have a nanny that day)  because their twin 2 year olds were in their stroller and rolled into the pool.   They were not harmed, but REALLY?????????  How on earth does that happen if you are not completely self-obsessed?  A word of advice from a REAL MOM,  spend a little less time putting your war paint and outfits on and spend some time trying to raise good HUMANS!

I know these shows are for entertainment purposes.  And I think today as I was home sick and taking care of my kids without the help of a nanny, wearing my 7 year old sweats and Ugg boots because I can't afford new ones, in my living room that needed to be vacuumed because I can't afford a cleaning lady, I got sucked into this Real Housewife marathon.  I now find it ironic that there is so little reality in the world of Reality Television.

I will continue to watch my reality trash because I just have a sick need to fulfill by watching it.  But what I realized today is that I am so grateful for my reality life and the little that I have because there is true happiness in it.  Sometimes there is not money, sometimes I don't wear make-up, somedays I don't get a shower until bedtime, sometimes the Autism gets to me, sometimes my husband gets to me, sometimes the terrible twos are more than I can handle,  sometimes I burn dinner, sometimes I wish I was a lot thinner, but I am happy and I have friends and family that are awesome.  I will be a REAL MOM over being a "Real" Housewife anyday!!!

If you don't watch the shows, I'm sorry for the long post but thank you for reading.  Let me know what you think.

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  1. I dont watch the show, but with your summary, I feel like I did. lol. I do hear about their escapades in the news, and I shake my head at their clauelessness and unrealistic way of life.

    And you know what YOU are one awesome REAL MOM!