Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stop Rewarding Bad Behavior

I have spent the better part of the last two years listening to my son with Autism get treated by Behavioral Therapists and if I've learned nothing else from them than don't reinforce his unwanted behavior.  Block and Re-direct his actions. Block and re-direct, block and re-direct, or just ignore until he ends a tantrum or a serious episode of stereotypy.

So my message to the media and celebrities today is Stop Rewarding Bad Behavior for the love of PETE!!!!  I'm mean for good ness sake is it absolutely necessary that Charlie Sheen and his gin soaked brain get a platform and 30 different interviews in 3 days to talk about Tiger Blood and Godesses????  Is that what we are reduced to as a society that you want to just put his mug and rants on an endless loop and torture us with it?    The attention is what the narcissist wants, but just BLOCK AND RE-DIRECT.  If you stop giving him a soap box, maybe him and the porn star skanks will just GO AWAY and back under the rock or into re-hab where they belong.    There are children involved here, and bumbling (loosely using the term) journalist are tripping over themselves to look at Charlie and his Gold Tooth and stinky breath but have no concern over what is happening with his kids how are being watched by hookers and porn stars.

I know the media is intent on just filling TV time with completely ridiculous behavior by celebrities and people keep watching it and buying tabloids.  Lindsay Lohan for example, she is just a drunk and a stupid 23 year old.  She is still at the age where she can blame some of the choices in her life on youth and stupidity.  I mean she can't help that her parents are two complete loons that are using her to get their faces on TV every chance they can, as well as complete no talents that depend on their CHILD for a financial support.  SICKO'S.    But lets give it a try - BLOCK AND RE-DIRECT.  Stop putting them on TV and I bet that the behavior slowly changes.  And hopefully the parents will go back under the rock from which they both came.    I mean Lindsey has to take some responsibility for her lame actions but bad attention in her and her parents eyes is better than no attention.  I am curious that if like my son Franklin, if we ignore the horrible behavior (for Franklin it's usually a tantrum) it stops quickly, and with each episode the tantrum gets shorter.

Last week on the news there was a 30 second blurb about therapy dog that went to see the Pediatric Cancer patients at Children's Hospital in LA, it was heart warming and the people that cared for the dog were awesome and of course the kids were thrilled and it lifted their spirits.  We got 30 seconds of that and 20 hours of the Sheen rant.   Nice going networks.    Here is a question, would you rather watch Charlie Sheen and his wet brain rant on about being a warlock for an hour or would you rather see children with cancer cheered up by a therapy dog?

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