Sunday, March 13, 2011

This I am blaming on the Real Housewives

I think this morning I had lost my mind and was really trying to become a Real Housewife and forgetting the whole Real Mom thing I have going on.

I decided to take the kids to church this morning by myself.  So as I got them ready with anxiety because Franklin was going to go into the Special Kids room with the kids with Autism, it was a first so I was a little nervous.  Jackson has a cough and runny nose, so he was going to stay with me and we sat out on the "families patio".    I got the boys ready, and then as I was trying to find an acceptable outfit for public myself (which is close to the worlds biggest pain in the ass).    What was very cool, though this morning was that since I have been following the church on "The Daniel Plan", and began running and exercising regularly, and basically coming out of the Autism, Cancer, new mommy fog, I have actually lost some significant weight and the 3 pairs of pants I tried on were too big (YEAH ME!).I went on a run with my dogs this morning and the endorphines must have gotten to me or something.  So what I decided to do was put on these cute jeans that have been in my closet for about 5 year that I have never worn, and instead of wearing my flip flops, Ugg Boots or running shoes, I elected to put on this cute pair of wedge peep toe heels that I got last year.  I found a cute blouse that I didn't swim in, I did my hair put on make up and off we went.  These are all not the normal thing that I do for church.  Usually I go Saturday afternoon and my husband stays home with the kids.  I sneak in with my jeans, t-shirt and sweater and my tennis shoes, sometimes makeup, most of the time not.  

I dropped Franklin off in his respective child care room, and then there was a friend of mine working in the Toddler room and said no one was in her room, she would take Jackson because he wouldn't infect anyone.  So off I sprint to the Worship Center so I can get a seat and hear the message.  It's about 10 after 11 o'clock this morning and service starts at 11:15, so I doubt there could have been more people at the entrance of church trying to get in before the service started.

As I believe I am strutting up the runway with my heels and my make-up, heck I even found earrings that matched.   I was feeling sooooo Orange County.  Well my God has a peculiar sense of humor, because as I am getting to the entrance of the building I seem to have lost control of my feet and I FELL.  Yes Fell, at church in front of God and EVERYONE in Orange County, my purse went flying and it's contents are strewn about the bottom of the stairway.  I was laughing too.  OMG!  I couldn't believe the mortification that I was feeling, and I'm sure was all over my face.  I just got up, another woman had picked up my purse and filled it up with it's belongings, I said thanks and kept walking.  I didn't give anyone the opportunity to get a glimpse of my face.

I have to blame this episode on the Real Housewives of everywhere.  Because sometime because I don't always have the perfect outfit, and someone else to take care of my home and children, that I actually let myself go a little bit, and I am getting my game back on.  Well I think I was trying to emulate how I was feeling on the inside today by putting it on my outside, and showing it to everyone.  I felt like I had it going on this morning!!! And I still have it going on today, but as I sit here in my capri sweats and t-shirt and jogging shoes.  I feel just as good as I did before (and after) I fell.   Next week when I make it back and am wearing flat shoes and maybe  an outfit that is not fit for the cover of InStyle magazine, I will remember that I am  a Real Mom, and I rock anyway even if I can't handle being dolled up and styled up all the time (or ever).

I think I like the Real Mom feeling and getting caught up in trying to even be a little bit like the "Real Housewife" thing was obviously hazardous today!!!!  

After all the trauma and humiliation this morning, I did hear the message at church was "Listening to God", and Franklin did Amazing in the Special Kids room, it was a great Real Mom day.

How was your mom day?


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  1. Glad you're ok! And thankfully there wasn't anything embarassing in your purse!! He! he!