Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Amazing Autism Moment

We had an enormous breakthrough at our home yesterday.  My 4 year old son Franklin who has Autism went to school in his underwear and did not have an accident ALL DAY. 

You'll have to excuse me for wanting to do cartwheels up and down the playground.  I know to a lot of people nearly 4 and a half years old seems old to potty train.  With Autism and all that comes with it, the typical developmental milestone that a mom expects at certain times in the childs life are theoretically thrown out the window.

Sof for the last 6 months Franklins therapist have been working on potty traiing.  YES.  6 months woman and Franklin have sat in our bathroom for HOURS with DVD's books, music, toys, Doritos - anything to reinforce sitting and going on the potty.  Through many many hours of any avoidance technique Franklin could muster trantrucm, crying, giggling, running he managed to go on the potty and hold it for 55 minutes.  He does that now everyday at home.

I give so much credit and praise to the behavior therapist that come to home daily.  They have the immeasurable amount of patience.  Their job is not just treating Franklin and his Autism, they train me and our family on how to work with Franklin and his special abilities.  The absolutley have a fast track into heaven.

After months of trial and error we had Franklin with no accidents at home for several weeks, and now he is at school in Toy Story Underwear and this mommy couldn't be prouder.

What were your potty experiences?


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