Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Resolve

I have come to the conclusion that last year I stuck with and met my New Years resolution of losing 50 lbs. I lost a total of 80. It was 84 but, December gave me 4 lbs as a present.

This year is a whole new ball game for me since I became a mother. Both of my kids have autism and my 3 year old will be starring pre-school this week and will be leaving me all day everyday. On Tuesday when I drop my baby off I am sure I will need to be sedated.

For the last 5 years nearly every minute of everyday I have had one of my kids with me. I will now have 5 hours to myself everyday.   I don't get 5 hours a month to myself ever.

So for this huge change that is about to occur in our house, I resolve to:
  • Use my time wisely 
  • Get a handle on the laundry situation here, and yes it really is a situation. 
  • Workout and train for the half marathon I have been planning on. 
  • To make myself clear and good in my head so I can give only the best of me to those kids when they get home. 
  • Keep a clean and ORGANIZED home.
  • Make time for my friends and family
  • Be a better blogger. 
  • Use my time to learn more about autism and advocating for the kids. 
  • Learn more about my own health and fitness and quit falling off track. 
  • Stay away from nut job people.
  • Fight less with my husband.
  • Continue to stay and work at staying cancer free.

This seems like a long list but these are the things in my life that cause me strife and if I chip away at them a little bit at a time hopefully by the end of the year I will have less strife in my head and more peace.

Happy New Year to you all, what do you resolve to change?


  1. 5 hours every day?! Ahhhhh....enjoy it!! My youngest will be home for another year, I know it's going to fly by :(


  2. Awesome! Great job and congrats and enjoy those 5 hours! Love the goals.

  3. Well my husband will be home for some of that time too. Haven't decided yet if that is good or bad. :)

  4. AWESOMENESS on the 80 pounds in a year!!

    Have a great year and a great week! you are doing awesome!

  5. Holy wow! Congrats on the 80 pounds gone! That is phenomenal! Enjoy the time you will have to yourself!

  6. 80lbs is exciting!!!! And the 5 hours a day is something you are going to start to treasure. I know I do when both kids are in school. :)

  7. OMG! My list is almost as long, but I know we can at least do some of it. I decided to put it all on my plate instead of picking away at the same little bits over and over. Maybe we are nuts, or maybe we will be happy with ourself when we get to year end.