Monday, February 2, 2015

Lets Put Common Sense and Kindness back into this Measles Outbreak

We are in the midst of a complete panic over 100 people contracting the measles in California.  100, and half of them have been vaccinated.  As of today no one has died, and those that had caught it in the middle of December are over it and are returning to their lives. 

It so far, thankfully has not killed anyone. 

I'm just wondering what we have learned from this experience?  I have kids with autism, and one is fully vaccinated, and one is not.  They both have autism, so I am not saying that the shots are or aren't the cause.  Because truthfully no one knows.  Since no one can give me a reasonable explanation as to WHAT DOES cause autism, no one then knows WHAT DOES NOT cause autism...... FACT.

My son that is vaccinated is severe, he is non verbal, and suffers neurologically in every way, and I saw that change in him happen after shots were administered  when he was 14 months old, and that is my truth.  If you weren't there to see the loss of eye contact, and him crawl into the shell of autism are you just going to tell me oh that is when autism becomes prevalent, the shots have nothing to do with it?  Even though a week before the shots, he was making verbal approximations of words, babbling and always tracking and looking at us?   If you aren't or weren't in someones house that this happened to.  Please for the love of humanity, keep your opinions kind or quiet.

My other son has been on an alternate schedule, and his place on the autism spectrum is much different.  While his needs are significant, they are very different, he is teachable, and can do so many things for himself, and with countless hours of therapy and diligent work on everyone's part he will be mainstreamed and self sufficient.

What I wonder is why those who have healthy vaccinated children are being so epically mean to people they don't even know?  I have had women flip their lids because my kids have autism, and I said I think you should do your research about shots.  Like I just told her to eat a plate of dog poop.

Here are some points of information to take into account, that I wish I would have known when I had my babies:

An epidemic of chronic disease and disability is plaguing America. Our children are the most highly vaccinated children in the world and they are among the most chronically ill and disabled.

Today, the Centers for Disease Control admits that 1 child in 6 in America is developmentally delayed.

During the past quarter century, the number of doses of vaccines that pediatricians
give babies and children under age 6 has more than doubled.

More than twice as many children have chronic brain and immune system dysfunction today than did in the 1970’s when half as many vaccines were given to children.

So as a mom, I'm wondering why we are not questioning the CDC as to WHY we now get twice as many shots as children that we did, and so many children are chronically sick and in the last 25 years kids with ADHD, ADD, Autism, Asthma and Diabetes has tripled?

So I wonder that those that question the doctors, the CDC, about these things are called crazy Anti-vaxers?  I mean if that makes you feel better to call someone an anti-vaxxer because they question something, or demand something be safe, I fail to see what you are bringing to the party to help the situation?  Did the person you are screaming at over the internet or phone actually come over and cough on you and give you the measles?  Probably not, so back up take a deep breath, and get a grip on common sense. 

No one wants a measles outbreak, no one is wishing this happened.  Although after living with severe autism for the last 6 years, I might consider a case of the measles a gift over autism.  Measles will go away, autism not so much.

If vaccines were a gazillion percent safe we probably wouldn't have had our federal court systems issue Vaccine Injury Compensation to the tune of more than 2 billion - yes billion with a B, dollars to those INJURED by vaccine. Those are the facts, people were injured by them and brought lawsuits to court and were paid BILLIONS of dollars.  Those are FACTS.

And again, I truly do not believe that anyone is anti-vaccine, I believe that parents and children deserve a safe and sane schedule of inoculations.  It's not much to ask for, but we get no answers from doctors, I mean most doctors when you talk about autism have absolutely zero idea of what they are talking about, because guess why,  THEY DO NOT SPEND ONE DAY IN MEDICAL SCHOOL LEARNING ABOUT IT!!!  The number one growing developmental disorder gets zero learning time in medical school......comforting isn't it?

I'm also wondering if it's possible for some kindness and tolerance on both sides of the vaccine debate come out.  The 100 people with the measles so far are all recovering and will be fine.  The 1:68 that are diagnosed with autism every year 1:42 boys, do they concern you at all?  It's not reported on, it gets no coverage, it is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the world, it costs families about $60,000 a year, there is no medical detection or cure for autism.  Those that have neurotypical kids that are vaccinated, did not give our kids autism or measles even though many in the current California outbreak are vaccinated.

So lets get back to basics and common sense.  I was at Disneyland today, and I swear to God, there were at least 6 newborns there, I mean little tiny infants, not even able to hold their heads up alone.  COME ON PEOPLE, it's a newborn - COMMON SENSE, stay home for a few months, you won't die of cabin fever, I swear.    If you are sick STAY THE HELL HOME, if your kids are sick, DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL or PUBLIC PLAY PLACES - we will all thank you.  WASH YOUR HANDS CONSTANTLY, Hand Sanitizer USE IT!

And be kind to each other, we are all in this together.  We are better together.  I'm embarrassed at some of the horrible things said by people on either side of this debate, and it's getting no one anywhere.  If you're afraid of the measles, then stay home, if you feel 100% confident that your vaccines are effective and safe, keep calm and carry on. 

Practice kindness to those with autism and other special needs and those that have children who were vaccine injured, because at the rate this disorder is growing, you will likely have a close relative with a developmental disability, will you practice kindness or ignore that part of the family.  I have family that flat out ignores my kids and goes to any length to not see them or participate in their lives, so that is also a reality.  Just be kind to people in this journey, vaccinated or not, no one wanted a measles outbreak, just as no one wanted the growing rate of autism to cripple 1:in 68 kids.  We have an epic opportunity to make change happen, but if you're fighting and name calling, you're not actually doing anything.  So please if you have nothing to bring to the party but name calling, get out of the sandbox because I'll mow you over.

We will get through this, and hopefully the medical/pharmaceutical community will come up with a more safe product to offer, those with compromised immunity systems, and someway to know that a baby has a compromised or mitochondrial defect that will cause the vaccines to injure a person.

Good Luck and Stay Healthy


  1. Great post! I believe in vaccines and want my children to not get those illnesses, but I'd take measles -- which is not fatal and you can get medical care for it -- over my son's autism. He literally changed as he got the vaccines and the next day, my previously verbal child was non-verbal, grunting, red faced, rashy, unable to move the leg, 104-105 fever and screaming and crying. He became a head banger who wouldn't make eye contact, respond to his name and lined up his toys. Literally within hours. I don't need other people to tell me 'my kids got vaccines and are fine' for me to see what happened. My own son is my science fact. My son can eat peanuts, does that mean peanuts don't cause allergies and deaths? I believe in vaccination but even the inserts show that seizures, deaths and other severe side-effects occur. People need to be compassionate and realize that those stats are someone's child who is loved as much as theirs and give us a break.

  2. Hi Rebecca, I'm Lindsey! I have a question and would love to speak with you. Please email me when you have a chance, thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you :)