Thursday, June 30, 2011

Surfer's Healing did some Healing for our family

Well we did it!  I signed up for Surfer's Healing Camp and the day came with a train load of anxiety for me, but the day went friggin' amazing.  Everyone at camp including Daddy and myself were on our "A" game.

We arrived at the beach with all of Franklin's favorite reinforcing snacks and toys for him to be enticed to sit on the sand -not to close to the ocean but close enough to see and hear it.  He did great, he sat between us on his own chair quietly enjoying an entire bag of Lay's BBQ chips until his turn came.

I put his wetsuit on, and rash guard - bright yellow so we could see him out in the water and then a life vest in case (God Forbid) he fell off the surf board.  So we waited down by the shore for a few minutes for his turn, and Franklin was starting to get anxious and whiny because the water was splashing and there was a ton of activity and noise down there.  Well here comes a volunteer calling his name, I said "here we are", and the guy said "Hi Franklin" - ripped him (literally ripped him out of my arms) and ran out to meet a surfer in the water, and they plopped Franklin right up on the board and were paddling out 5 seconds after tearing him from his mommy.

I stood on the shore excited, scared, dumbfounded and sad and so happy that he went without too much trouble.  He had a little trepidation.  He had 3 really long amazing rides on the shoulder of the most buff surfer I've ever seen in my life, and then he stood on the board for a little bit on the last ride in.  He got off of the surf board smiling, and I could see the large crack that was put into the shell of Autism that encapsulates my sweet boy from the rest of the world.  As they handed me back my little surfer boy he looked in my eyes and was babbling all the way back to our beach chairs, and when I was talking to him at our site he looked me in the eyes the whole conversation and was attending to all I said and allowed me to kiss him on the lips (usually he just gives me his forehead).  It was by far my most favorite day as a mom.

I can not say enough about the men and women that put this event on.  What an incredible group of people that started this to help these children.  They are heroes in my eyes and you can read more about the organization at their website Surfers Healing   - to my East Coast pals they are coming your way this summer if you want to truly feel happy go watch a day of this camp and see the change in the children with Autism from the start of camp to the end of camp.  Unbelievable.  If I had not seen it in others including my own child I would never have been a believer.  I have been fed and told so much crap about what will and what won't work for Autism that I am a huge skeptic.  But I will tell you I brought home a more peaceful and different child last night than what arrived at Doheny Beach.

I can't wait to get him out there again.  Make a donation to them if you can, this great group is all volunteer and relies solely on donations to have these events for the children.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the video


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Surfers Healing Mommy's Anxiety

A couple of months ago I signed my sweet precious angel with autism up for Surfers Healing a nice surf camp day for children with autism.  Well for crying out loud, was I out of my damn mind??????  I am 24 hours away and my heart is pounding an my palms are sweaty and tears have been streaming down my damn face all day.  I'm throwing this poor 4 1/2 year old non verbal sweet pea out into open water.  (That was the night terror I woke up with last night)

I am full of excitement and anxiety.  I have heard nothing but amazing things about Surfers Healing and what they do for kids with autism.  My Franklin LOVES LOVES LOVES the water,  pools, and lakes and even slow running creeks and streams he likes.  However he has this crazy psychotic fear of the ocean, his fight or flight instinct kicks in and he is a running, crying convulsing mess.  Now there are two methods to my thinking.  The first is, what in the hell am I thinking putting my kid through something that he will hate and may possibly terrify him and all those kids around him that are on the fence about surfing?  The second is he needs this,  once the pros crack the shell of his autism he may end up loving it and we could be opening a whole new world to him.  (Which is what I am praying for - and I hope you will pray for that too).

I have read other blogs and emails from moms that have already done a surf camp day with Surfers Healing and said that their child was different at the end of the session for the better.   My mommy gut is telling me he may love it once they crack through the initial terror and that he will love it. (This is the part that I would really like a guarantee on.)

My anxiety that is about to give me a heart attack is my husband is going, and he is not a good source of comfort and support.  He will more than likely be his own wound up tight bundle of nerves.

The other piece of my anxiety is that I don't want to do something that will harm him and cause him discomfort.  I second guess myself and the fact that I may be doing the wrong thing and it might be bad for him.  I have to turn the volume down on all the negative voices around me (because there are a lot of them).  But I know that his life is not easy and sometimes I want to make things easy for him and I need to step away and even though this may be a huge obstacle for him to overcome I need to make him try it.  We live in Southern California I can't make the ocean go away because he is afraid of it.  This is something that he has to adapt to.  I don't want to be cold and heartless, and I'm not my heart is in pieces over this.  I want this to work for him, I know that the joy he will get from it will be immeasurable.

My excitement is that we will crack more of the stupid shell of autism that has my son encapsulated and separated from his family and the outside world.  My intention is to only do the best for him and to open windows and doors to his little autistic world that he can climb out of and participate with the rest of us.

My excitement also lies in the fact that I have this crazy awesome feeling that this will open a door of opportunity and do something amazing for Franklin and us as a family. We will be able to go to the beach and participate in a whole world of new things because of this.

Pray for Franklin and me tomorrow that miraculous and wonderful things are opened up to him tomorrow through Surfers Healing.   I am going to make the beach day as pleasant as possible and have all of Franklin's reinforcing snacks and toys there so that we will have the best luck possible.

And after I'm going to Shannon's for a HUGE cocktail :)


Monday, June 27, 2011

Bring on the Heat, Bring on the Workouts

The first week of summer is here and my schedule doesn't change at all. 

I am committing this week to get my workouts in before the dishes are done, or the floor is mopped or the laundry is put away.  I am not letting my chores curtail my workouts this week.  I have to shove the mommy guilt to the side and get a workout in.  I actually can see and feel a waistline on myself and I am not stopping now.  

I am out of the 200's for the first time in MANY years.  I was so thrilled last week when I got on the scale last week and it was under 200 I almost did a cartwheel.  I try not to put such an emphasis on the number because the main goal since I embarked on this fitness and health journey has been my health.  I started on this trail of getting healthy because of my breast cancer diagnosis.  It was a wake-up call and I have now become a sponge for health information and am willing to do any kind of exercise. 

I have run a couple races and signed up for a ½ marathon.  I am telling you that a year ago if you would have told me that I would be running races and even thinking about anything with the word marathon in it, I would have laughed you out of my house.  But as my body changes, and the workouts aren't making me as sore as I once was they are easier to do and it's not as much effort to drag myself or talk myself into do them.
I mean the pain when I started running was just crazy.  My feet hurt, my back hurt, my ankles, my knees, my neck - I thought I was crazy for even doing it.  But what it was doing for me was worth the aches and pains.  It was giving me something to work for, I had goals to meet to run races, it was doing more for my mind than any amount of therapy and anti-depressants could have done.  This was something that I could do just for me, not for my kids, not for my husband, not for my family or friends, it was just something that I was doing and could do for me.  I really could go at my own pace, and my goal is always just to finish running, I don't care how far or how long.  Just finish and that has always been my goal.  I have started so many things in my life and not finished them, running is something I can always finish, and that is good enough for me.

My feet, my ankles and my back still hurt not as much or as long but the pain is worth the mental release that I am getting from these workouts.   I really think if I wouldn't have embarked on this as my "sacrifice" for Lent, I would have gone bonkers by now.  The economy and autism and a toddler and marital strife the running and working out have brought me clarity and strength to plow through the muddy part of life.  That I am looking better is a bonus, that I have more energy and patience is also a tremendous help in my house.  I am grateful more and more each day that I have found a fitness community online to be accountable to and to not have to be on the treadmill at a gym next to some skinny biotch in a blingy sweats.  I am doing all of this in the comfort of my own home, garage and neighborhood.

I am looking forward to reading and learning more from all that have run the trail ahead of me to see what the fitness life has in store for the summer.  I am loving feeling and looking better and feel like the smile on my face right now is more real than it's been in a long time.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Short Summer Vacay

As a family with autism, routine, structure and consistency are the things that keep our home calm, cool and collected and meltdowns to a minimum for the most part.  I say we are a family with Autism because it does affect all of us in some ways more than others.

Franklin started his summer “vacation” yesterday, for a whole 3 days. He begins the Extended Special Education School Year on Monday.   Then another 2 weeks off in late August before the “real” school year starts again.  He still has his 3 hour afternoon ABA therapy sessions.  His regular schedule would choke even the most dedicated workaholic.

As I watch and listen to families planning their vacations, doing new things, going the beach, amusement parks, and various other summer camps, I try to gather myself and not look like a freak.  The green monster of envy comes around and bites my ass because those were the dreams of motherhood when I was pregnant.  That’s what I wanted to do with my kids, fun Disney World vacations, water parks, beach house, camping and a plethora of other stuff.  – Well Pity Party of 1 – GET OFF THE POT. 

What we are doing is helping out son build a foundation for the not so friendly world for himself with all this therapy, doctor appointments, school, social skills class, jiu jitsu, and structured play dates that are necessary to help the developmental delays. 

I want my family to have fun trips.  But there are big consequences for Franklin if we take big breaks from his treatment, and I’m not willing to have him have such big steps backwards so we can relax.  Just because it’s easy and might be fun doesn’t mean that it is the right thing to do for him and us.  He has come so far and continues to make strides that a vacation (which really aren’t relaxing for mom’s anyway) would do more harm than good.    Those things will come when he is ready, I know it.

So we are enjoying the short little breaks that school gives us and enjoying them.  Yesterday was an awesome day with both of my kids, swimming, therapy, jiu-jitsu, dinner, and an hour of wrestling in mommy’s bed with belly laughs.  What more can I ask for????  Those belly laughs from my kids kicked the ass of the green monster of envy and made me look at the big picture that my kids are happy, healthy and I am doing the best I can to raise good humans.  Yes, some days it’s more than I can bear, sometimes I cry myself to sleep, sometimes I hate the hell out of Autism, but I take these good days and they lift me up to the next good day.

Amazed today and how much I love my kids.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivation Monday

I hit a number this weekend that so excited me, and I think will get me back on the track that I need to get the last 30lbs off that will put me at my goal. 

So far since the cancer diagnosis and surgery and recovery I am 76 lbs down.  It has been 15 months and a long time coming.  I am 2 5K races in, I have signed for a 5 or 10K for every month until January when my friend Cheryl and I will do the Disney Tinkerbell ½ marathon. 

So this week I feel pumped and healthy my kids, my husband and I have had some touch of an ugly flu, and last week I felt like dying and Friday we didn’t even get out of bed.

This week I am kicking up the workouts a notch and starting P90X and every other day I will get a run in. 

I want to work on my strength and endurance as well as firm up some of the “squishy” parts as my baby calls it.

I’ve got a plan and my ipod touch and apps to help me a long the way.  I love Lose It!  Logging my food, getting the workouts in, and staying positive are all on the menu for this week. 

So I am committing to you this week to exercise to the best of my ability to kick it to a new level and to eat clean and make good choices every day.

I want to hit that goal weight by the end of the summer.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

6 Years?

I was sitting here getting my stuff ready for the boys to give to my husband tomorrow morning for Father’s Day, and I realized that it has been 6 years since my dad passed.  I think in some ways I’m still a little bit in shock about my dad dying.  Long story short, diagnosed with a brain tumor and died 67 days later, up until then healthy as a horse.

I look at my kids and my oldest looks so much like my dad it’s a bit scary.  My youngest son gets expressions on his face that crack me up because they are such similar expression to what my dad used to get on his face.  And both my kids are hot headed little Italians’ which was exactly what my dad was too.

We named Franklin our oldest son after my dad, and everyday I wish that my dad could have had the opportunity to meet my kids.  If there was anyone in our lives that could pull Franklin out of his Autism for periods of time, it would have been my dad.  Jackson my rough and tumble 2 year old would have given his Nanu a run for his money in the wrestling department.

So Dad, I wanted you to know I love you and miss ya.  Please always watch out for my boys.

Happy Father’s Day to all of you Daddy’s out there, and to all of you Mommy’s that have to play both parts. All you Step-Dad’s out there you are all awesome too, especially mine.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Real Houswives (Train Wrecks) of OC Reunion and Season Re-Cap

It’s official!  Whenever I feel morally, spiritually, and maternally inferior, or just plain bad about my life, and myself I have found the cure!  I just need to turn on the Real Housewives of Orange County.  The reunion show alone from season six is enough to give someone enough of an emotional lift they could probably get off of any anti-depressant they are on and live a life of gratitude that they are not as self-center and self-absorbed as these broads.

I thought this season was a bit of bore and was of the brief opinion that the ladies (a loosely used term) must have been acting it up a little, because as a mom – once those babies came flying out of my va jay jay my self-absorption flew out with them.  The Real Housewives must have had their babies at a different hospital.  Their self-absorption was thankfully for my entertainment purposes left completely in tact.  However, I do feel for their children because obviously you cannot give our kids an appropriate amount of love, care and concern when you are busy painting your face for the weekly drag queen contest. (No offense meant to the hot drag queens out there).  Just making sure every square foot of your collagen filling platypus lips are covered is a job all on it’s own forget putting on the false eyelashes to go to the gym.

Since I’m on the topic of makeup, I must.  I am aware that Tamra and Vicki cannot stand Gretchen.   They may want to commission her services for their make – up.  Whoever painted the faces of Vicki and Tamra at the reunion should be fired.  Vicki looked like a shiny, menopause, hot flash, and sweaty mess.  And Tamra and the smoky eyes only made her look crazier than she is.    In addition to the scowl and pout that Tamra sported the entire show that awful makeup job made her look horrible.  Vicki about lost her mind when Alexis pocket gay assistant was going assist her with powdering her nose.  Vicki you should think about hiring a powder person or powder your mug yourself like you went koo koo about.

Gretchen honey, you are a beautiful young lad that hasn’t ruined your face with all the injectables too make you look like a puffer fish.  Quit that Housewives job, and focus on your business.  Get away from those toxic middle aged busy bodies who obviously are so void of character that rather than care for their children they do nothing bit try to slader you and the other chicks.  They look and act like horribly miserable people and your attitude with them this season made you sound like a rabid incessant lapdog that people want to muzzle.  I’m not a fan of Slade, I used to work in a building with him back in the mortgage hey day and if you weren’t one of the OC beautiful people he couldn’t be bother with holding an elevator or a door open for you.  He’s just a pompous jerk, bummer he’s hurting financially (like most are right now) but if he makes you happy have at it.

Peggy, WOW!  Aren’t you glad Tamra didn’t throw your financial dirty laundry out on the floor for everyone to see.  According to the OC Register, your home is in foreclosure, and according to you are suing the back about your mortgage.  Just so you are aware people that can pay their mortgage do pay it, they don’t do a slimy Bellino and “Sue the Bank”.  It’s not the taxpayers fault that the equity fell out of your cookie cutter, Irvine McMansion with an over priced HOA.  And please eat an Organic Cheeseburger your bones are scary to see.  If you did “date” (hookup) with Jim Bellino, all I will say is “ICK”, and since you agreed with Alexis that you went to the house after he would return your phone calls – have some stalker fries with your cheeseburger!  EWWWW

Alexis – Have you ever heard of the term “Less is more”?  And no I’m not talking about the length of your skirts.  STOP talking to everyone about everything!  No one cares, and go to the point where you make yourself sound STUPID.  I feel sorry for you, just STOP THE KOO KOO TALK.  It is absolutely not necessary to have to 1 up or comment on everything everyone says.  You have the tendency to make yourself look like a horses ass.
You don’t know what Couture means.  You made dresses that go up to the cooch.  There is no self respecting real mom would “throw on” your hooker hot pants to go to pre-school pick up.  I expect to see your shorts in our local Ross stores at $9.99 in about a year.  The French Restaurant that you don’t want French food at because it’s too Frenchy!??  Do you think you could offend a chef a little more?  And Honey!  Are you aware of how much you pissed off every hardworking taxpaying family that is shedding blood, sweat and tears to keep their homes afloat?  You are aware the housing market crashed on everyone right? (Probably not because I can’t imagine you thinking past your own beak).    As you sat and whined like you are some victim that had equity stolen from your mansion – Poor Barbie!   You short sold your house, and then sat there like a peacock with his feathers flying saying you’re buying your next house for cash????  Really????  You and Jim a classy couple!  For the love of God, will you stop blabbing all over yourself about how Christian you are?  I’ll lie because God will forgive me, I’ll steal from the tax payers because I want my equity, I am entitled some equity, and I’ll uses assets I wasn’t supposed to have to buy a new better mansion for cash.  Like you should thank a soldier for protecting and defending your freedom to be a jerk, go thank a taxpayer for paying your mortgage and short sale to the bank.    I’m certain there is not a more self-centered couple than you and Mr. Bellino.

Vicki – Your allegiance is with Tamra, the one that trash talked you for the entire previous season.  You allegiance probably should have been with your husband.  Hopefully Tamra the Witch doesn’t jack you twice.  We have listened to you whine and whine and whine about YOUR work, YOUR love tank, I want to hear… I need… and basically me, me,me,me,me.  Good Lord woman!  Here are a few tips in people and social skills that they work on with my autistic son.  “You have to give, to receive what you want”, Be nice to people and they will be nice back; Love the people in your life (expecting nothing in return) and the rewards you receive will astound you.  You are a successful businessperson that many admire but remember to balance your life.  If your entire fulfillment is in you bank account then your love tank will have a constant leak in it.
And here is a little hypocrite sandwich for you, I couldn’t help but wonder, if Slade and Gretchen, or Jim and Alexis made a bathtub sex film, would you have said it was “beautiful”? 

And last but not least, the world’s biggest hypocrite Tamra.  You couldn’t be any further from anything that represents “Real”, or Housewife, or Orange County.   The scowl and puss you wore on your face during the reunion show gave you the persona of a nut job that was going to go postal on the set.  Looking a little bit psycho.  You are the Gladys Kravits of the Housewives.  Jeana is her own bit of crazy, but you took snooping and dishing out to a whole new level.  The bathtub scene, and your poor kids, the lesbian love talk, the trash talking of everyone, you must be so proud!  Apparently not because nothing else would explain your horrible behavior and attitude.  Your kids will watch and see, and wow, I don’t even want to think about how humiliated they must be to have their friends talk about how trashy you are.    Please spend your Bravo money on therapy for them.  And just a word on your wit, you are no match for Bethenny Frankel; she has the timing and humor that you lack.  So all you do is sound like a middle aged 909 bitty that is unhappy with herself so you attack those around you.  If you could take it, you wouldn’t block people from your Twitter account that call you on being a skank, yet you follow Slade on Twitter – is it hard to swallow hypocrite pie?  It is a little dry.  Oh, and did it feel good to look like a donkey saying Jeana was pushing you in the pool when no such thing happened? 
You are not a very likable person because you attack everyone that is a threat to you.  Why do you care so much about Gretchen?  It’s been years it’s over, and you’re still screeching like a rabid cat in an ally fight in the middle of the night.  Get a life of your own and mind your business.  You lost your complete mind about Jeana talking trash about you and your business yet you had no problem throwing everyone on your cast under a bus and backing over them, twice in some cases.  I’m just curious does hypocrisy taste bad??? That must have explained that sour puss you had on your face the whole reunion show.

After watching that, there is nothing (at least this week) that is going to make me feel like a bad mom, or friend, or sister, or person.  Those women helped me hop on the moral high horse, and I'm going to ride it into the beautiful Mission Viejo sunset tonight.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

2nd 5K under my belt - Better than I thought!

Well I did it, I ran a 2nd 5K yesterday with a mediocre time of 44:44.  I started the race with my friends daughter Tasha and she finished in 32 minutes, and she's 8.   So after that crushing blow to my ego, I was happy with how I did, I stopped to walk for 3 minutes at mile 2 and then picked it back up.

I am glad I did it and will continue to find a local race to run every month.  I signed up for a 1/2 marathon in November.  My intent is to be able to do that.

If you would have told me a year ago I would be running races at this time next year, I would have laughed at you.  But I have found some solace on my treadmill and on the road when I run, it's giving me a little peace of mind.  But I do feel like my body is a bit askew.  I'm sure that running more will make that pass, I am still a big girl, my joints and muscles are not used to this kind of pounding constantly, but the lighter I get the less the pain (I am hoping).

The best part of the race yesterday was meeting Ken and Austin from this last season of Biggest Loser.  They look amazing and their attitudes and stories about how they feel on the inside were very inspiring.

I get that voice in my head that says, well you did the race, you proved you can do it, you don't have to do it anymore.  And I guess because I'm still not in love with running that I am fighting that and making myself run anyway.

The last 2 weeks were tough because I had walking pneumonia and it was way to easy to stay unmotivated.  I read a lot of fitness blogs, twitters with people that are into fitness, facebook, because there really is no one around me that wants to participate in this healthy journey with me.  I have to motivate myself, and these moms that motivate each other via the internet have really been an inspiration.  I found myself wanting to be accountable, even though their strangers.  My friends will let me slide if I whined a little bit, I'm accountable to my Ipod Touch apps, my mamavation, my blogs that I follow.  I'm shocked that it's worked, but it really is working.

So again,  to all of you who have blazed the trail of fitness and health in front of me, thank you.  You are making this health, weight loss, and self-confidence possible.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

As Promised - The Bright Side

After my crazy lunatic menopausal autism emotional exhaustive rant yesterday, I was lead to some clarity.

So onto the things that make me happy and I am grateful for.
My boys (even the husband) - The little guys make me smile laugh and happy each day, and I'm overjoyed to be their mommy
My parents - They support me in every way they can
My In-Laws - They are an incredible help to me and my kids
My friends -In sickness, and in health, for richer, for poorer they all kick ass
My job - allows me to work a great schedule so I get to be with my kids as much as possible
My home - its beautiful and I'm sorry it's a mess
The Pool - it brings my kids such joy and laughter and playtime and typical fun that Autism has robbed them from
My neighborhood - Wonderful people that are great to my kids

My Church that affords us so many wonderful opportunities for growth
My new fondness of my health and fitness - could you imagine if I didn't have exercise what a nut job I would be if I didn't have a run or a weight to turn to.    Since eating 6 pieces of red velvet cake is no longer acceptable to make me feel better.
All of the awesome support across the internet for Autism, Cancer, fitness and health and teaching me how to run.

So today, I'm not 100% but I do feel better than yesterday.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm not being a cry baby - I'm sticking to that!

This morning as my alarm went off at 410, well I snoozed it, it went off at 340 I was going to try a morning workout.  Going to sleep at 11 is killing me.  The 2 y/o had his foot pressing into a kidney of mine.  I don’t even remember him getting in the bed. 

So as I drove to work to start at , I am getting more and more steamed as I’m driving to work getting more and more pissed by the mile, and I only have to drive 4 to get to work.  There could be a myriad of reasons I am so aggravated – menopause, this lingering bronchial cough that is friggin exhausting me, no exercise for a week, exhaustion, overwhelmed and just probably feeling a little sorry for myself. 

So rather than go eat the 6 pieces of red velvet cake that I feel entitled to, I am going to put this list out there to you all,  please feel free. Burn it, share it, add it, agree to it, disagree – whatever.  I just want it out of me, it’s damaging.  Tomorrow I will bring on the gratitude, or maybe later today.

v     Autism – you just suck, I hate you, leave my child and my home
v     Cops that sit in the bushes with Radar guns (no I didn’t just get a ticket)  - you’re friggin lazy – go do something else
v     Economy – I’m over it.  It’s stressing everyone out and I want it fixed 3 years is long enough.  Gov’t you’ve had your chance, step aside - I’m tired of working so hard and feel like we are not getting anywhere – do you get it YOU’RE HELPING NO ONE!
v     People that only talk incessantly about themselves and their lives – WHO CARES?  Ask someone how they are doing – Not everything is always about YOU!
v     The jack wagons that went through our neighborhood and stole a bunch of stuff out of cars.  Go get a stupid job and stop stealing from little kids you a-holes.
v     That I am not able to keep my home model clean for even an hour.
v     I hate laundry
v     I hate the Housewives they are stupid narcissistic bitches that do nothing to bring value to the planet (and yet I still watch – like a buffoon)
v     I procrastinate and I need to stop it’s too much trouble to continue.
v     The scars the cancer left all over me are ugly and I hate them.
v     That I don’t get to see my friends, I miss them.
v     I miss my family.
v     I want a vacation
v     I want my kids to not be picky pain in the ass eaters
v     I want everyone to stop questioning every move I make as a mom.  You had yours these are mine.
v     I’m sure that after the last few years and all the sucker punches our family has taken I must have some form of PTSD.  (probably not, but I need something to blame this funky attitude on )

I think that about does it.  Since my kids don’t talk and really don’t care if mommy is having a bad day I will go to the great web.  Well hopefully kicks the recovery of my ‘tude into gear.  How do you guys get out of the funk?


Monday, June 6, 2011

The Real Train Wrecks of Orange County Season Finale

Well after a fairly snooze season of the Train Wrecks ( I call them train wrecks because they sure ain't real, and they aren't housewives).

But let's start with the amount of make up that they all wear.  I mean really, is there a competition with drag queens that you are all trying to win?  Frankly, I think that you all are insulting the drag queens.  What is with wearing false eyelashes everywhere?  Even the GYM????

The amount of inject ables in your face has exceeded the recommended daily allowance.  Peggy you look weird, stop it!  Your face doesn't look right, you are NEVER going to look like your 24 again, I don't care what you put in your face.  The lips the eyes, the cheeks it all looks a little bit like "Death Becomes Her".
Tamra after watching the contortions your face during your temper tantrum last night, your botox person SUCKS,  and your eyes look wrinkled and bad.

I'm sorry that Vicki is getting divorced Donn is a good guy.  Hopefully, Vicki will learn to appreciate the people that want to be in her life rather than talk down to them all because they don't choose to work 20 hours a day.

Gretchen girlfriend stay the hell away from Tamra she is worthless and just an all around not nice person, she yelled at Jeana but those words were meant for herself.  You all don't like each other there is not value you all are getting by hanging out, so spare everyone.  It's not funny anymore because the two of you sound like incessant yapping dogs that need to be silenced.  Get over your damn selves.  That woman is NEVER going to be nice.

Alexis, my God woman every time you open your mouth you confirm that highlighting the hair and botox do something to the brain to make you stupid.  Just stop talking.  Your dresses are NOT what everyday moms can (or would dare) throw on to pick up the kids from school.  Since I doubt you pick your kids up from school, I guess I understand how you don't know that.   Plus wearing dresses up to your va jay jay is obnoxious and classless, even though you claim numerous times to have class.

Let's get to the throw down, I mean pool party.  What in the hell????  This party was something that should have been thrown in the back yard of a Lake Elsinore home or a trailer park.  Who in the hell acts like that.  Tamra your 909 came out and man you look like a fool, saying Jeana went after you.  Jeana the middle aged busybody that didn't want to be on the show anymore because of the drama, sure stirs the pot.  Guess she misses the train wreck spot light.

There was some chick there wearing a blue dress that went off because a drink got splashed on her, no one threw it at her. It was splashed, and she went full on Santa Ana on them, and was cussing like a truck driver talking about her $1500 dress.  Well sweetheart, I'm going to give you a little tip.  Save your money on the dress next time because it could have cost $150K and it would not have made you look like you had one iota of class, but thanks for playing.

Okay and then the old housewife Quinn.   Honey, do you not have any friends???  Who on earth let you go out with the hilarious wig?  Is that from the Kim Zolciak line of wigs??

I look forward to the reunion.  This season was dull and boring because there is only so much narcissism and cattiness you can portray on TV for 15 episodes.  I hope they improve next year, and hopefully who ever negotiates their contracts gives them the proper ones, because obviously after the antics of this season they were given the Jersey Shore contracts.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Sauce that Took My whole life to make

Growing up in an Italian family there are certain absolutes in life and one is that you will have family dinner on Sunday’s growing up.  When we were little we would all congregate at my grand parents house for pasta and sauce and a wild array of other things my Nonna would whip up.  I can still remember waking up to the smell the garlic and onion frying on the stove at their house if we slept over because my parents went out Saturday night.  Sunday morning breakfast would be a little coffee about a table spoon and ½ and ½ with sugar some toast and a bowl of sauce to dunk your toast in.    My kids would look at me like I was on drugs if I offered them this in the morning.  But we all loved it when we were little. 

The dinners were elaborate and delicious and nothing like anything a restaurant could ever imitate.  Often imitated but never duplicated.  The sauce that Nonna made was so good that to this day I have never found a sauce in a restaurant that could touch it.  I really don’t even bother getting pasta and meatballs at a restaurant because they are always a disappointment.

This week it has been 1 year since my Nonna passed away and the craving for her sauce was crazy.  I had started bugging her a couple years ago to show me how to make her sauce, so that I would know and be able to have it at family things.

For real Italians there are no cookbooks or measurements it’s all “eyeballed”, and measured, and taste testing.   Main rule was to always go with less because you can always add ingredients you can’t take any away once they are in the pot.

So after several visits with Nonna I wrote down everything that goes in the sauce, and watched how she did everything pretty effortlessly.  (She was over 90 and sharp as a tack).

Fry onion and garlic in olive oil – DO NOT BURN THE GARLIC
Can Crushed tomatoes
Can Tomato Sauce
Small Can Whole Tomatoes
Tiny can of Tomato Past
Dash of Sugar
Salt and Pepper
Italian Seasoning  about a palm full(in a package at the market) 
Cream – just a little, about what you would put in a cup of coffee
Peccorino Romano cheese (about a handful)
1 Bay Leaf
Chili Flakes ¼ teaspoon
Cooked Roast/Pork or Beef or Meatballs and Italian Sausage
Stir and simmer on the stove for a few hours.
Taste it frequently and add what you need to.

The recipe for the meatballs, now I really gotta like you to give you that secret.  But I think everyone deserves a good sauce recipe, not Ragu.  And do not fool yourself, there is no jar sauce that will ever amount to a good home cooked batch.

So this week I was able to put together a pot of sauce and I will say it came out almost as good as Nonna’s sauce.  I always did love the Sunday dinner and I love the smell of the house with a pot of sauce simmering on the stove all day.  It just reminds me of good times, and laughter, and carelessly playing as children. 

As I came home today with my kids and the sauce has been on the stove simmering for a couple hours, my house smells AMAZING.  It reminded me that there is something about Sunday’s that I will always love and I think it will always be the food, which is I why I need to run.  Make the sauce and run while it’s simmering.  I’m serving my sauce over spaghetti squash,  SOOOO GOOOD.

Autism has an Amazing Day

We were invited to a high school graduation party for our niece this weekend.  If you are familiar at all with autism and children that have it you will know parties can be a very tricky environment.  The sensory overload can ruin the time for the child and family.

The party we were going to was taking place at the community club house where my in-law's live.  Attached to the clubhouse is a swimming pool.   This is "our" swimming pool.  We go there all summer and Franklin and Jackson love it.  The soul purpose of this location in Franklin's mind is to swim.  Attending a party and not being able to swim would send him into a meltdown of epic proportions.  So in preparation I had a babysitter come with us to make sure there was an eye on him at all times.  Another tidbit about autism is that drownings are one of (if not the) top killers of children with autism.  Autistic children have an enormous attraction to the water, and Franklin fits that mold.  He is attracted to puddles of water, the dog bowl full of water, water coming out of a sprinkler or a faucet, lakes, swimming pools, even glasses of water.

Typically when I go to the pool, I dress Franklin in his swimsuit and life vest out at the car, because he squirms away from me and jumps into the pool and it has happened on occasion that he has made into the pool with his clothes on before I have even entered the gate of the pool, someone else had let him in once because he was walking about 30 feet in front of me and ran straight for the jacuzzi.

If you are the type of parent that now is judging or offering advice about swimming lessons when you are unfamiliar with autism - let me school you.  I have tried swimming lessons, and Franklin just doesn't have the receptive part of communication down yet in that environment, but we will be trying it again this summer.

But back to the party.  Franklin and Jackson were on their best behavior.   Franklin was engaging to people.  We had tons of eye contact, he was in and out of the pool, the babysitter was superb.  Mommy and Daddy got to eat a meal, and enjoy some company.  The kids were in and out of the pool (mostly in) for about 4 hours.  The babysitter had to leave, so daddy took the duty and got in the pool with the boys, and it's always a good time for them all.

I was thrilled to hear those that don't see Franklin very often say how much progress he has made.  I see him everyday so sometimes the progress and huge strides that he has to make escapes me.  But for those family and friends that don't see him that often it is noticed and the comments are appreciated and truly open my eyes to how amazing this kid truly is.

After we got the kids out of the pool and dressed and dancing in the club house, Jackson fell asleep and Franklin escaped back out to the pool deck and before I could get to him he jumped back into the pool with all his clothes on and dog paddling as he might to get to the side of the pool he couldn't make it, so in mommy goes with her clothes on to get him out.  Middle aged mom with kids and I still am the life of the party.  Just another lesson about Franklin is he will go to any lengths to get to the pool, good thing we were all on our game.  Just not as fast as him.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Locating the secret device

There has got to be a device in my house that notifies the kids or my husband the minute my ass cheeks hit the toilet seat.  I have been looking for it and have yet to find it, because the second I do find it I will smash it to smithereens.

The reason I know this is I may go an hour without anyone needing anything from me or needing my attention IMMEDIATELY, until I sit down to pee.  The second I sit, and I’ll excuse the kids from this because they are too little.  But my husband will incessantly start calling my name.  I really don’t answer him until the 4th time he calls my name.  You see our house is not that big, there is no reason to be yelling across the house, especially if it to ask me if I know who the new coach of the University of Nebraska baseball team is. 

This doesn’t happen occasionally, this happens every time he is home and I have to pee, so I’m sure now there is a secret light that goes off the minute I sit to do my business.  I can't be the only one that this happens to. 

And yes, now I know who is the coach of the University of Nebraska baseball team is.