Thursday, June 9, 2011

As Promised - The Bright Side

After my crazy lunatic menopausal autism emotional exhaustive rant yesterday, I was lead to some clarity.

So onto the things that make me happy and I am grateful for.
My boys (even the husband) - The little guys make me smile laugh and happy each day, and I'm overjoyed to be their mommy
My parents - They support me in every way they can
My In-Laws - They are an incredible help to me and my kids
My friends -In sickness, and in health, for richer, for poorer they all kick ass
My job - allows me to work a great schedule so I get to be with my kids as much as possible
My home - its beautiful and I'm sorry it's a mess
The Pool - it brings my kids such joy and laughter and playtime and typical fun that Autism has robbed them from
My neighborhood - Wonderful people that are great to my kids

My Church that affords us so many wonderful opportunities for growth
My new fondness of my health and fitness - could you imagine if I didn't have exercise what a nut job I would be if I didn't have a run or a weight to turn to.    Since eating 6 pieces of red velvet cake is no longer acceptable to make me feel better.
All of the awesome support across the internet for Autism, Cancer, fitness and health and teaching me how to run.

So today, I'm not 100% but I do feel better than yesterday.

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