Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivation Monday

I hit a number this weekend that so excited me, and I think will get me back on the track that I need to get the last 30lbs off that will put me at my goal. 

So far since the cancer diagnosis and surgery and recovery I am 76 lbs down.  It has been 15 months and a long time coming.  I am 2 5K races in, I have signed for a 5 or 10K for every month until January when my friend Cheryl and I will do the Disney Tinkerbell ½ marathon. 

So this week I feel pumped and healthy my kids, my husband and I have had some touch of an ugly flu, and last week I felt like dying and Friday we didn’t even get out of bed.

This week I am kicking up the workouts a notch and starting P90X and every other day I will get a run in. 

I want to work on my strength and endurance as well as firm up some of the “squishy” parts as my baby calls it.

I’ve got a plan and my ipod touch and apps to help me a long the way.  I love Lose It!  Logging my food, getting the workouts in, and staying positive are all on the menu for this week. 

So I am committing to you this week to exercise to the best of my ability to kick it to a new level and to eat clean and make good choices every day.

I want to hit that goal weight by the end of the summer.


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