Monday, June 6, 2011

The Real Train Wrecks of Orange County Season Finale

Well after a fairly snooze season of the Train Wrecks ( I call them train wrecks because they sure ain't real, and they aren't housewives).

But let's start with the amount of make up that they all wear.  I mean really, is there a competition with drag queens that you are all trying to win?  Frankly, I think that you all are insulting the drag queens.  What is with wearing false eyelashes everywhere?  Even the GYM????

The amount of inject ables in your face has exceeded the recommended daily allowance.  Peggy you look weird, stop it!  Your face doesn't look right, you are NEVER going to look like your 24 again, I don't care what you put in your face.  The lips the eyes, the cheeks it all looks a little bit like "Death Becomes Her".
Tamra after watching the contortions your face during your temper tantrum last night, your botox person SUCKS,  and your eyes look wrinkled and bad.

I'm sorry that Vicki is getting divorced Donn is a good guy.  Hopefully, Vicki will learn to appreciate the people that want to be in her life rather than talk down to them all because they don't choose to work 20 hours a day.

Gretchen girlfriend stay the hell away from Tamra she is worthless and just an all around not nice person, she yelled at Jeana but those words were meant for herself.  You all don't like each other there is not value you all are getting by hanging out, so spare everyone.  It's not funny anymore because the two of you sound like incessant yapping dogs that need to be silenced.  Get over your damn selves.  That woman is NEVER going to be nice.

Alexis, my God woman every time you open your mouth you confirm that highlighting the hair and botox do something to the brain to make you stupid.  Just stop talking.  Your dresses are NOT what everyday moms can (or would dare) throw on to pick up the kids from school.  Since I doubt you pick your kids up from school, I guess I understand how you don't know that.   Plus wearing dresses up to your va jay jay is obnoxious and classless, even though you claim numerous times to have class.

Let's get to the throw down, I mean pool party.  What in the hell????  This party was something that should have been thrown in the back yard of a Lake Elsinore home or a trailer park.  Who in the hell acts like that.  Tamra your 909 came out and man you look like a fool, saying Jeana went after you.  Jeana the middle aged busybody that didn't want to be on the show anymore because of the drama, sure stirs the pot.  Guess she misses the train wreck spot light.

There was some chick there wearing a blue dress that went off because a drink got splashed on her, no one threw it at her. It was splashed, and she went full on Santa Ana on them, and was cussing like a truck driver talking about her $1500 dress.  Well sweetheart, I'm going to give you a little tip.  Save your money on the dress next time because it could have cost $150K and it would not have made you look like you had one iota of class, but thanks for playing.

Okay and then the old housewife Quinn.   Honey, do you not have any friends???  Who on earth let you go out with the hilarious wig?  Is that from the Kim Zolciak line of wigs??

I look forward to the reunion.  This season was dull and boring because there is only so much narcissism and cattiness you can portray on TV for 15 episodes.  I hope they improve next year, and hopefully who ever negotiates their contracts gives them the proper ones, because obviously after the antics of this season they were given the Jersey Shore contracts.



  1. What a bore this show was this year. It needs to go off the air or get some new housewives. New York, New Jersey and Beverly Hills are still fun to watch. The OC middle-aged women are acting like total trash. Yuck. Jil Lehr Camarillo

  2. I didn't stop laughing once through this blog!! Too funny Rebecca! LOVE IT!

  3. My, my Rebecca, I'm quite impressed that you know the storyline. Can't say the same for myself as these women leave a bad taste in my mouth. Cups Up to all of us REAL Housewives of OC! xoxo

  4. It's like a car accident, I can't help but look.