Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm not being a cry baby - I'm sticking to that!

This morning as my alarm went off at 410, well I snoozed it, it went off at 340 I was going to try a morning workout.  Going to sleep at 11 is killing me.  The 2 y/o had his foot pressing into a kidney of mine.  I don’t even remember him getting in the bed. 

So as I drove to work to start at , I am getting more and more steamed as I’m driving to work getting more and more pissed by the mile, and I only have to drive 4 to get to work.  There could be a myriad of reasons I am so aggravated – menopause, this lingering bronchial cough that is friggin exhausting me, no exercise for a week, exhaustion, overwhelmed and just probably feeling a little sorry for myself. 

So rather than go eat the 6 pieces of red velvet cake that I feel entitled to, I am going to put this list out there to you all,  please feel free. Burn it, share it, add it, agree to it, disagree – whatever.  I just want it out of me, it’s damaging.  Tomorrow I will bring on the gratitude, or maybe later today.

v     Autism – you just suck, I hate you, leave my child and my home
v     Cops that sit in the bushes with Radar guns (no I didn’t just get a ticket)  - you’re friggin lazy – go do something else
v     Economy – I’m over it.  It’s stressing everyone out and I want it fixed 3 years is long enough.  Gov’t you’ve had your chance, step aside - I’m tired of working so hard and feel like we are not getting anywhere – do you get it YOU’RE HELPING NO ONE!
v     People that only talk incessantly about themselves and their lives – WHO CARES?  Ask someone how they are doing – Not everything is always about YOU!
v     The jack wagons that went through our neighborhood and stole a bunch of stuff out of cars.  Go get a stupid job and stop stealing from little kids you a-holes.
v     That I am not able to keep my home model clean for even an hour.
v     I hate laundry
v     I hate the Housewives they are stupid narcissistic bitches that do nothing to bring value to the planet (and yet I still watch – like a buffoon)
v     I procrastinate and I need to stop it’s too much trouble to continue.
v     The scars the cancer left all over me are ugly and I hate them.
v     That I don’t get to see my friends, I miss them.
v     I miss my family.
v     I want a vacation
v     I want my kids to not be picky pain in the ass eaters
v     I want everyone to stop questioning every move I make as a mom.  You had yours these are mine.
v     I’m sure that after the last few years and all the sucker punches our family has taken I must have some form of PTSD.  (probably not, but I need something to blame this funky attitude on )

I think that about does it.  Since my kids don’t talk and really don’t care if mommy is having a bad day I will go to the great web.  Well hopefully kicks the recovery of my ‘tude into gear.  How do you guys get out of the funk?


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