Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Super Sensational Successful Summer

We did it!  Autism beat the summer.  We nailed it, we worked together as a family, as therapists, as community, and had a few bad moments, but no bad days. 

I am so beyond proud of my kids and how hard they work and how enormously awesome they are.  I remember summers and how I would dread and be anxiety filled about the lack of structure and fear of the unknown and how autism would kick my ass.

This summer was sensational, we had so many opportunities afforded to us.  The kids attended Extended School Year, they were able to participate in Special Camp for Special Kids, Surfers Healing, ASkate, and many many Angel baseball games, Disneyland trips, Knotts Berry Farm and many many many hours in the pool.

We have conquered the major behaviors, we have given Franklin a means to communicate, we have found the things that make the boys happy.  We have found their joy.  And no matter what the joy is, we run with it, and do our best to keep their lives as busy and engaged as possible.

I did not have a lot of sleep, because as I had to keep the boys busy, we were busy.  The husband and I are opening a business, and I 3 half marathons in the next 5 months going on that I need to train for, so go go go has been the mantra here.

Back in the spring my husband purchased a Harley Davidson, and we have found a fun and passion that we haven't had in a long time.  While I don't ride myself, I'm just a passenger, I love to look at the world from the back of the bike and just be close to my man. We have changed "date night" to date days, and take long rides through beautiful parts of our area, and have met some really fascinating people who share our love for Harley Davidson and riding.  So while I took some coercing to get the bike, I'm so glad we did.

With 4 days left of our summer vacation, I'm a little emotional that I have a 1st grader, I feel like I just took that pregnancy test!  I am more confident in my ability as a special needs parent, and have become a good advocate for my kids.  I have resources and wonderful team of parents around me that help me and I'm able to help. 

This has been just an amazing summer, and I'm sorry to see it end, but so ready for the kids to be back in school.  I hope you all have had just as blessed of a time as we have.