Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Lessons for the Mom

As the holidays are coming to a close and the decorations come down and the structure and routine are shortly about to return, I couldn't be more grateful.   I am thankful for this time with my family, but lack of structure and routine does not always make for the best days when your children have autism.

My husband and I were looking forward to this Christmas because this was the first time since Franklin was born that he even acknowledged our Christmas tree and really seemed to get excited when we would drive around different neighborhoods in search of the Griswold Family lighting decor.  Franklin took and broke most ornaments off of the tree, not out of anger, but he really really liked the tree and the colored ornaments, so he would tap them together or tap them on the floor or on any hard surfaces in the home.  He danced with our dancing Santa, and to most Christmas music and shows that were on.


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