Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bootcamp - This mom has chops

As I have embarked on my health and fitness journey I have worked out in my home for the most part and run out on the street or in my own treadmill.  I have done P90X, and the Biggest Loser exercise videos.  I don't belong to a gym because we have been living on such a tight budget because of this bastard of an economy.  So because of my kids and their therapy schedule the easiest thing to do was to workout at home, and I was able to get fit working out in my garage and running through the beautiful green belts of Mission Viejo.

I was invited to an event for a workout this week at Barry's Bootcamp It was touted as the workout of the stars,  and the workouts have been on TV on Good Morning America, Today Show, etc.  Their website was informative and stated that it was an interval workout between the treadmill and floor work with weights.   Okay, that seemed easy enough, that is pretty much what I do at home.

So I arrived at the gym 10 minutes before class was supposed to start. It was in a place borderline Irvine/Newport Beach. I liked the gym it was small and clean.  Most of the time when I go into an exercise facility there is a stench of sweat and mildew that just makes you know you know you are sitting in the middle of a Petrie dish waiting to catch the next super virus. Yes, I am a bit of a germophobe. That was a big plus to see someone cleaning and there was no stale sweat and mildew stench for me. I met the instructor Roni and just old her a little about my weight loss and that I was a runner. She was very nice and said this was going to be hard but that I should be able to keep up.

I noticed people filing into the room and got a little intimidated because I am certain I was the oldest one in there by about 15 years. But heck, on my way to workout I heard on the radio that Dara Torres the ageless wonder was qualifying for the 2012 Olympics at 43 years old, so if she could do the Olympics, I could do a 1 hour boot camp.

As the instructor started she explained that we were going to 6 minute intervals between the treadmill and floor work. I am very comfortable on the trendy so off we went. Now my running on my treadmill has always been at about 5 mph kicking it up to 6 or 6.5 sometimes. Well, Dorothy you are not in Kansas anymore. We were going to do running, which was between 5 and 7 mph and sprinting between 8 and 12 mph. I don't really know how I contained my laughter because my former fatass, can not sprint did she not realize I am a 43 year old mom and I am the fat girl not the athlete that the instructor is?   I trot along on my runs at about 5 mph, and don't get too winded, but am able to go for a good distance now.  The sprint intervals were 45 seconds and 1 minute. Roni the instructor said you can do anything for 1 minute. Well she was right, the former fat ass sprinted at 9mph for a minute.  I was sucking some serious wind, but I did all the intervals.   I did the weights and floor work it was all very challenging and a little painful. But I did the class the whole hour and was very happy for myself. It was eye opening at how much further I have to go in my fitness journey and what areas I need to work on. The staff at Barry's Boot Camp was helpful, welcoming and motivating. I recommend the facility in Irvine if you feel so inclined to kick your workout up a notch. 2 days from the workout I am very sore but going to get out there for my run this morning. I still have my 1/2 marathon in 8 weeks.


(Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this blog but offered a discount for classes at Barry's Boot Camp. And I will go back and utilize my discount)


  1. Thanks Rebecca and we're happy to hear you'll be joining us again soon. You were a rockstar in class! Keep it up and you will do great during your upcoming marathon.

  2. Great job!!!!