Monday, December 12, 2011

New Attitude, New Week and some Happy Feet

Last week was a bear because I let the opinion of one jerk and a few of her jerk followers make me feel bad.  But after a discussion with people with real hearts and real souls and not busy bitty's with a sticks up their asses, I was told to take what I needed from that chapter (I learned new things about Autism and ways to advocate for my kids) and leave the rest of the minutia for them to sit and sift through.   Be grateful you gained something good from it and move the frick on.

So onward and upward.  So this week will be filled with

Focusing on my kids, and do some much needed advocating for Autism, lots of letter writing and form filling out for my little guy, and his new adventures in Pre-school that starts in January.  Know on January 3rd I will more than likely need sedation when my baby goes off to his first day of school.

The workouts are kicked up a notch, joined a new gym and am in full 1/2 marathon training mode and need to get and be stronger.

I will eat clean this week and get rid of all of the holiday "goodies" that are not so good to the size of my ass.

I will enjoy the laughter and smiles of my children and let them fill my heart with warmth and comfort.  I mean really, as challenging as my kids can be with Autism, the absolute unconditional joy and love they bring me is so off the hook it is easy to shake the shit off when I get a giggle from Franklin or Jackson.

Enjoy this season of Christmas and the smells and lights and music and time with family.

Both of my kid birthdays are this week just remembering the awesomesauce that they have brought to my life if in the last five year is enough of a boost to make me rise above all minutia.



  1. I've learnt a lot in this blogging world. First and foremost, stand up for your convictions and don't let any one else tell you otherwise. Well done :-)

  2. Congrats to you! and good luck in the marathon! wow! I stopped worrying a long time ago what other people thought of long I was not offending them. Who wants those kind of people in your life anyway?

  3. Awesome post!!! Have a great week!


  4. I'm so glad you got a new outlook on life and attitude for this week, AWESOME post! You're my kind of blogger, I will be following. I wouldn't even be able to handle my baby going off to Pre-school for the first time. She's two and has severe seperation anxiety. Right now I can't even leave her in Sunday school!

    Stopping by and following from BSN blog hop.

  5. Thanks! Mine has crazy separation anxiety, I used to get the "text" from the special kids area at church -"JACKSON NEEDS YOU NOW!" I feel your pain.