Monday, March 21, 2011

What kind of people are we raising?

I saw this story on TV this morning.  After a night being up all night with an Autistic son and a sick 2 year old I was brought to tears.

My son is 4 and has moderate to severe Autism and it breaks my heart a little bit every day to know the struggles and tribulations that he will have throughout his life.  However, I am blessed to have great friends and family that we are surrounded by that are wonderful to my child.  The children in our neighborhood are amazingly accepting and very sweet to someone that makes it a challenge to be their friend.  He can't talk, he rarely engages them in play, and he has awkward quirks that make friendships in elementary school challenging.  I credit the awesome parenting of the men and women in my neighborhood.  They are just all around good people, I give them a lot of credit, because it probably is a lot easier to just ignore and not include us in play dates and social functions because we can't always guarantee great behavior or a mood from Franklin.  I hope that I am able to teach my son Jackson the incredible lessons that these parents have taught their children so that he is as accepting and gracious as all the kids in our neighborhood are.

With that said, after seeing this story this morning I was beyond pissed off.  I need to know what kind of parents give even an inclination that treating someone who is Autistic or just differently in such an atrocious way.  What kind of people are you raising????  In what world to we teach children to VIOLENTLY attack someone?  How is it possible that you were even able to have children?????  And to the police that think that because there was no "bloodshed" that there was nothing to do with these bullies.  Well you know what, I call BULLSHIT on you.  You have a video of kids sucker punching him!  In what world is that not evidence enough?????  You are all horrible people.

I am so grateful that nothing like this has happened to my kid because I seriously doubt that I would be able to contain myself, the pain that this boy with Autism is going through because of the brutal act of some ignorant punks and the puke stain parents that taught them this behavior was acceptable and tolerated.  His parents were very composed and I doubt I would be able to exude the level of composure that they did.  I would probably make sure that the life of the parent of these heathens would be miserable.

I know that Franklin's life is not going to be an easy one, and that is hard enough to hang on to on a daily basis.  But to know that there are people out there that were raised and think that it is okay to prey on and attack someone that is defenseless just hurts my stomach.  So all I can say to you is that if you know or see parents that are raising SHITTY people, call them out on it for crying out loud.

We are not a society that everyone is due "Rights without Responsibility". If you were born and have all of your mental faculties and have a set of ballss, it is your responsibility to stand up and defend the defenseless for God sakes!   If you see someone mistreating people,  embarrass them, humiliate them for being such humongous pieces of garbage.  I think that there needs to now be a stand up against this crap.  A public flogging for parents and children that think attacking, or bullying, or just flat out being a jerk to people, let alone people with special needs to be stopped IMMEDIATELY.

There needs to be a public forum for parents that are raising crappy kids and that condone and have taught that being a jerk is acceptable.    Like a Megan's Law website for sex offenders, there needs to be a site for parents that are Useless Tools

Don't be a CRAPTASTIC parent.  Be a parent that is raising good little humans.

Sorry for the rant.


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