Monday, March 7, 2011

Episode 1 Real Housewife vs. Real Mom

Well the train wreck did not disappoint last night.  I swear it cracks me up that they have the balls to call this reality TV.  I know a lot of moms in Orange County and there is not the whole lot of them that are near as self-absorbed as these Orange County Chicks.  But it is entertaining.  I like how all the ladies turned this franchise of a show into an infomercial to hock skin care and purses, and jeans, and songs, and whatever else they all have done.  It is smart, not something I've figured out how to do, but I'd still rather be a real mom than a "REAL" housewife.

Okay ladies,  I know you all claim to have a class factor going on that puts you above us little people.  But I'm going to have to differ with you. Y'all are getting more and more classless every season.  If you all behaved like this in the REAL world, you'd have no friends.  I think if you act like most of you act in a workplace, you can get sued or fired for creating a hostile work environment.

There are a few rules that apparently your mothers never taught you.

If you can't say anything nice, don't say ANYTHING at all.
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Look out for one another.

Alexis, darling.  I have small children too.  I never had 2 nannies, and you have help more days a week than you don't.  You don't have help Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday???!!!!  Really, and you need a drink, and you have to pray for patience?????  Wow.  I don't get it, I waited my whole life to have my boys and I truly enjoy every minute.  It's the hardest thing I've ever done, and a lot of the things that I want and did for myself have had to go away so I can be home with them.  It is sad that you see them more as a job than a joy.

Gretchen,  Tamara is a biotch, she doesn't like you she never is going to.  She is a wanna be.  Stay away from her.  If you can't stay away, shut your pie hole.  It's gone on long enough and no one cares anymore.

Tamara - OMG!!!!  Have you lost your damn mind.  Are you unaware of the fact that one day your children will be old enough to watch this show and google you and your unattractive behavior.  Do you really want the vision of you as a mother making out in a bathtub with a guy you've know briefly????  Do you think that is a good roll model for your daughters?  I mean I understand that as soon as Simon lost his job and times got tough you got unhappy, and mr. bathtub man has the big Ladera house, and bought you a BMW.  Perhaps, I'm just saying it's you that is the Gold Digger and not Gretchen.

Vicki, you rock as a mom and business person.  But don't be so needy from everyone to constantly tell you how amazing you are.  you already know it.  Stay away from Tamara, that woman is nothing but a source of pain and trouble for you.  I don't see her actions improving, but I could be wrong.  Sometimes moms are wrong.

Oh and for the rest of the cast,  as you continue to inject you face with stuff to keep you young.  Remember, less is more.  You can look really ridiculous if you keep blowing up and paralyzing all parts of your head.  I'm not to say I don't I have partaken in getting Botox and Laser treatments myself, but the goal is to look like a little younger version of yourself, not to look like a freaky mannequin.

What did everyone else think of the premiere?

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