Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Real Moms vs. Real Housewives - Episode 2

Simply due to the fact that I do not have a staff to take care of my children, or am able to pawn them off on an ex-husband and I take to roll of wife and mom very strongly.  This season of the Real Housewives of Orange County is now just funny because I don't get how they even use Real in the title.  There is nothing about these women that is REAL.   They are not Real Women, Real Housewives or even Real Nice People.    They are truly pissing off the REAL Moms and Wives here in Orange County.

I'm not even going to go through a step by step analysis.  I have recently as a Real Mom been through hell in a hand basket of Autism and Cancer and recovery for myself and my family.  I am taking care of my body, mind and spirit (why I am watching reality tv and ruining brain cells is kind of like an addict not able to stop using crack).   Never once have I found it necessary to go to to the gym with a full face of war paint and FALSE EYELASHES.  That made me laugh for about 10 minutes.  I seriously have worn false eyelashes a couple times, and by the end of the evening they were falling off and all I did was have dinner, not doing a workout.  Who does that?

They all talk complete trash on their so called friends.  Women, it is just in bad form to do that especially if you're saying the trash to a camera.  I can't believe that you are not all that smart to figure out.  Why would you be on a show with a bunch of women that you can't stand?

I  get that a lot of you are using the medium as your infomercial for your businesses and more power to you.  I hope it goes well.  I personally can't support a business or people that are driving around with $20,000 rims on their Hummer but don't pay their mortgage.  Ladies stop buying crap and pay your mortgages.  Do without something like the collagen lips or the false eyelashes and PAY YOUR BILLS around town.  It is no longer a secret that you are all a bunch of deadbeats.    Be more like us Real Moms and put your family and integrity about your narcisim.

And to the "Real Housewives" that have small children, remember one day your kids will "google" you and observe your questionable behavior.  So I hope (Tamra) that you are putting aside the money that Bravo is paying you so that the therapy your daughters are going to need after watching  you slut all over town and bathe with someone that isn't their dad.

Class it up a little bit ladies, this isn't the Jersey Shore.


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