Monday, March 21, 2011

Real Moms vs. Real Housewives - Episode 3

Well let me just say that these women now officially make it embarrassing to say that I'm from Orange County.  Honestly.

With all the money and jewels and all that they profess to have you think occasionally they might mention the word charity or something, or do something for someone other than themselves.  But I guess it can't get through all the injectables they have in their heads.

Alexis, seriously??!!!!!  Do you really think you are the only woman in the world that has to pack for her family???? Buck up and be a mom without the whining and thinking you're entitled to jewels because you packed some snacks and clothes in the car.  You got to bring a NANNY on vacation, and then the selfish and self centeredness forgot the nannies luggage, but I'm sure the 30 pounds of lipgloss you packed made the trip.    And I'm really curious that recently it was in the Orange County Register that you were making a wise financial decision by short selling your house.   Why do you need to short sell your house if your husband has the money and the balls to spend $27,000 on watches??????  Are you another liberal minded person that you only deserve rights and good things with zero responsibility?    Teach your children better please.

Gretchen, tone your voice down it's getting a little bit grating on the nerves.  Tamra is a bitch and was mean to you.  GET THE HELL OVER IT.  She it white trash, who really cares what she does or says?  Especially after the porn she made this week, lost all credibility to real people.  Move up and Move on.

Peggy sell the Bentley and Pay your mortgage.   Get a grip.

Vicki, please be nice to people.  You talk to everyone like you are so above them, and I would seriously wear some armor with Tamra.  Once things get hard with her she will turn on you in a second.  She is not a nice woman and not worthy of a close friendship, she needs to be watched.

Tamra,  after your antics this week.  I'm embarrassed for your children.  You don't allow them to watch the show, but seriously, are you that demented to think that they will not be able to Google you one day and see your skanky behavior????  If you want to still be on TV are feed your narcism please go apply for Jersey Shore.  You make women in Orange County look horrible, some of us work things out, are with our kids ALL the time and love it.    What do you actually bring to the table in any of your relationships????

Women the word of the week RESPONSIBILITY  for actions and finances.  Let's learn and practice shall we????   I was short on money this week so instead of spending $27,000 on watches, I cut some coupons and canceled my hair appointment.

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