Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a Real Mom thinks of the News

Wisconsin Teachers and Senators

So many things about this bug me.  To the WI Senators, go back to work or get fired.  In the Real World when you abandon your job for more than 3 days it is grounds for termination.  Go to work or go to the unemployment line.  Unacceptable behavior,  but what do I know, just your standard TAXPAYER here. 

Teachers and their Unions

I know not all teachers are not union cry babies.  But really, if you are a good teacher and your students are learning and passing and not just getting by, your work should speak for itself.  You shouldn't need a Union to protect you for doing mediocre work.  If you're doing mediocre work you shouldn't have the job.  It's about the children remember, not the pension.

I wish her and her media whore parents would just go away.  But seriously,  what really amazed me is how her court appearance is "BREAKING NEWS" with gavel to gavel coverage.  Are there that many people that really give a rats ass?????  Maybe because I don't go to the movies much, but what has she really done?  Would the world be a worse place if she was working at Starbucks or holed up in her apartment and we just forgot about her???  Maybe then her parents would stop seeking out a camera on every corner thinking that the general population wants to hear anything they have to say.    Dina and Michael Lohan, you did a sucky job, and you're just kinda creepy people.


Wow!!! What a train wreck, his antics fascinate me. $500,000 in a weekend on hookers and drugs, and he is still breathing.  And those lovely women are now seeking their 15 minutes of fame giving interviews about their morning after pills and crack pipes being delivered.  Their parents must be soooo proud.  I am curious to see how this all plays out now that Charlie went on an anti-semetic rant (because that worked so well for Mel Gibson) and his show is now shut down putting a couple hundred people out of work.  Way to go Mr. Selfish and Self-Centered to the extreme.

I know there's more but these were on my mind and I gotta get to bed because I have to go to work at 4am and that comes really early.

What do you think of the news?

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