Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My mini Rant to keep me from eating a box of donuts

There is something wrong with me today, I am restless, irritable and discontent.  And rather than stuff it and eat a box of donuts or bag of Doritos over it, I am going to unleash.  Once unleashed I will more than likely be over it.

Okay, I call businesses for insurance agents on the East Coast.  I go to work at 5am - 11.  So I can help my kids with their therapy in the afternoon.  My husband goes to work at 12 and works until 9pm.  With that being said, I realize that people view my job as the lowest form of life, however it is a job that allows me to do what I need to do to care for my family.  If people are calling on you, they are not trying to pick on you or irritate you they are most likely trying to do their best to care for their family.  Is it too much to ask for you on the other end of the phone to not be a JACK WAGON?  Someone asked me today "Don't you feel like a douche bag telemarketing?"  - "Well Dick Cabeza it's not my favorite job but it allows me to help and support my favorite people on the planet".  I like those I work with, that people allow  me to work hours that help my kids and husband so we don't have to put them in day care.  Just be nice, is it really that hard to be nice over being an a-hole?

Online - if you can sit on a computer 24 hours a day and ridicule people for having a difference of opinion than yours - go get a friggin' life.  Experience a techonology free day.   If you choose to be a coward behind a keyboard that is your prerogative but really can you try to serve a purpose on earth other than "MEAN"?

People that stare and make comments at other kids when they are acting quirky.  Please so I don't (or some other mom that I know with a child with Autism or not) slap you silly, if you have nothing helpful to do or say please for the love of God and all that is holy keep your feeble minded opinion to yourselves.  Some of these children really can not help themselves and the parents don't suck.  Would you like it if we came to your house and ridiculed all the ways your operate your life and kids?  Flippin' be nice especially to little humans.

My husband - Pick up your crap!!!! We both work.

If you are a family member that has teenagers that wipe their own asses, drive themselves to their appointments, and you have a cleaning lady and or nanny and nurse.  Keep your looks and judgement to yourself if I happen to have a sink full of dishes or laundry over flowing, I have no help, and refuse to constantly ignore my kids.  I feed them, care for them, help with therapy, drive them, bathe them, play with them and love them beyond words.  Crumbs on my floor are the least of my worries.  Do not ask me if I have fed them or if they need to eat every 7 minutes - Autism if you can't learn about AHHHHHH! Stop!

Doctors Offices and Staff - listen to your patients and the parents of the patients.  We have brains and pay attention to what is going on with our bodies, there is something wrong, which is why we took the time to sit in your waiting room looking at the 3 year old Time Magazine.  We drove there, waited for you - sometimes twice.  Don't come in after I have been there for 30 minutes and expect to tell me just "watch" it and come back in a few weeks. 

If you continually have shit to bitch about from your family, to jobs, to your kids, just stop, it serves no purpose, venting once in awhile is great, but you have to have something good to say PLEASE.  I tried something over this past Lenten season, and I wrote down 5 things that I am thankful for everyday during lent.  What a huge gift this was it I really saw the good, the bad, and the ugly in my life with a new pair of glasses.  Try it.  But I guess I'm just trying to say people, we all have to live together pleasantly, be nice to one another.  You do not have it that bad.  Get over yourselves and be happy for what you have.

There, I'm over it, I will not need a box of donuts to get through the day.  Sensitive ones, it's not a personal attack on anyone I just need to get it off my chest so I don't throw a cup of coffee at an undeserving buffoon.


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