Friday, October 21, 2011

Technology, I'm thankful for but glad it wasn't around when I was little

App tracks Halloween trick-or-treaters

When I was little, trick or treating with our parents was a tradition.  My mom stayed home and passed out candy, and the dads took all the kids to beg for candy in the neighborhood.  I think the first time we were able to trick or treat alone, (I’m sure there were parents hiding in the bushes watching over us) we were about 12 years old.  We had our rules, streets we were allowed to go on, and you better be home by 8:15.  End of story.

Well as I sit here now with my own children, there is a crazy new piece of technology that makes me excited to be the helicopter mom that I am.  I am however, also very grateful this stuff was not available when I was growing up.  Trick or Tracker is a Smartphone mobile application that is the brain child of Wayne Irving the CEO of Iconosys in Laguna Niguel.  Trick or Tracker®, which utilizes Iconosys’ Guards Up™Latchkey Kid™ and Tether Together,™ installs on both the parent’s phone and the child’s phone, allowing the parent to find the child either on demand or at pre-set check-in intervals, and allowing the children to locate the parent or to send a distress call to the parent in a time of need.

Trick or Tracker®  is now available for download from the Android Market, at, and at  The app costs $4.99 for a lifetime license, but until Halloween Day, it will be available from for free from until 11:59pm EST 10/31. It is available in English and Spanish.

Now because common sense is not that common I have to tell you, if your children are too young  to not properly operate a cell phone, or are not responsible to own or even borrow a phone, we suggest that you trick or treat with your child.  Technology is not meant to take the place of a parent, it is meant to enhance your abilities as a parent in keeping your children safe, and watched over.

As a real mom who cares for her children I would download this app for sure, it is easy to use,  and it is definitely something I would recommend to all my friends and their children.  If there is something like this that will help us to keep our children safe I am all for it.   This is not just technology that can be utilized on Halloween this is technology that is perfect for all year round, even when you kids are outside playing, you have the ability to know where they are at all times, without worry.

Since children have to grow and we have to give them some slack on the leash to grow and explore, then we need to embrace this technology.  Technology will never replace us as parents,  it gives us an extra set of eyes in this big world that we live in.  But I'm sure glad this wasn't around when I was growing up :)  but am happy as hell that as a mom it's available for me and my kids.


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  1. This is pretty neat. I will have to remember this when my daughter is old enough to go trick or treating by herself.

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