Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A night in Anaheim

Well I did it!  I went out alone to my first blogger event, and it was a success as far as I was concerned.  The event was beautiful, fun, entertaining, and there was free libations, food, and they gave STUFF away! Is there anymore that anyone could ask for at an event.

I've been to a million business evenings unveiling new product from companies  from "Windows 95" to "school fashion shows" to "Tupperware" parties.  This was in my top 3 for fun, well planned and an entertaining event for an unveiling of the new Anaheim Grand Plaza, I will write about that more later.

It was the perfect storm of bloggers, sponsors and planners that made the event.  I met some bloggers and tweeps that I follow and that was a sheer pleasure, that fierce fashion show and the way they had the models com down the escalator was GENIUS!   I'm not the girly fashion show type but this made me stop look and listen to everything coming down the stairs.

Thanks again to the Anaheim Orange County Vistor and Convention Bureau, OC Blogger Bash, Disney, Knotts, LA Moms, and all the sponsors that gave away good stuff, you made a great night for moms like me, getting a night out is a rare occurance so the fact that is it was fun makes me look forward to the next one.  I can not wait to use my prize at The Rooftop Bar in Laguna Beach,  maybe a Real Housewife will be there and I can show her what there is to being "REAL".


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