Sunday, October 9, 2011

Going out

Tonight I am attending my first Blogger Event.  Holy crap!  This brings out ridiculous amounts of anxiety and feelings inadequacies.  But wait, my blog must be at least okay because someone noticed it enough to even invite me to an event.

I think it's the whole all girls Catholic school thing in my head.  I never felt like I fit in there, and still don't. I hated all girls high schoool, it was like a 4 year long torture session.  I'm going to see a bunch of chick bloggers at a party, and the high school girl in my head is dreading it and living in fear. However, the middle aged mother of two autistic kids, breast cancer survivor, runner (sort of), athlete wanna be and 80lb weight loss loser and former hard core career person is looking really forward to getting out and using my brain and seeing what the next chapter has for me.

So me and my multiple personalities are going to get in the car drive up to Anaheim, and put our best foot forward and even though I don't have the right outfit (I'm sure), am not the richest, thinnest, or prettiest there,  I'm gonna have a good time, learn some things, and enjoy meeting some new people and see what you other bloggers can teach a Real Mom from OC!



  1. Thanks for your honesty! I'll be there too, with many similar anxieties in a crazy attempt to look like a girl from the 60s. Hopefully we'll meet up and enjoy some encouraging comversations! @mcfamaroo

  2. Great blog! I am a new fan via Bloggy Moms.

  3. I so enjoyed meeting you at the OC Blogger Bash. I thought you looked fantastic and were not just adequate but spectacular!