Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just Because...............

Too many thoughts with no where to go are going to come out now just because I can

Just because:
  • my kids have Autism doesn't mean they can't play with your kids
  • I'm a working mom doesn't make me a "lazy" mother
  • I don't go to events because of my kids, doesn't mean I don't like being asked places
  • we don't think the same doesn't mean we can't be friends
  • you have time for ridiculous drama doesn't mean I do
  • I fell off my clean eating and working out doesn't mean I can't get back on the wagon tomorrow.
  • I don't run as often or as fast doesn't mean I am not a runner.
  • you say it and think it doesn't make it my reality
  • I had cancer doesn't mean it's coming back
  • I sometimes think I can't or don't want to doesn't mean I'm not going to DO IT!!!

1 comment:

  1. Beautifully written,Rebecca. I enjoy your blog very much. Thank you for being here for us.