Saturday, July 14, 2012

Autism How I hate you, Let me count the ways

I hate that you stole my child's voice.
I hate that you make me doubt myself as a mother
I hate that you put a shell that's so,hard to crack around my kid.
I hate that some days you hijack my child and relentlessly torture him
I hate when you turn whining into a meltdown because you won't let him communicate with us effectively.
I hate that you make it nearly impossible for my son to be aware for his own safety.
I hate that you want to put him in harms way.
I hate that you don't like, him to sleep and ruin every one's night
I hate that you have made him so picky and rigid that he could ruin his health
I hate that you're taking a horrible toll on our family and marriage.
I hate that you have taken the gift of friendship away from him.
I hate that you make other kids not want to include him.
I hate that you have robbed our family of some amazing experiences.
I hate that you have made the most inappropriate things comforting to him.
You are basically a terrorist to my child and I am now NAVY SEAL TEAM 6.  Look out!

You are the enemy, you made my cry today, you hurt my kid,and made me feel like a shit mom. So he's, you may have won this little battle, but I am regrouping, re-strategizing and am bringing a new fight to you. 

I will get stronger, I will go to any lengths to protect and help this kid, I will find what works for our family.  I will use the warriors that have fought this battle before me, and we will rise up and beat you.  My kids have autism,  but autism WILL NOT have them.



  1. Powerful. Beautiful. Amazing. Honest. Raw. True.
    Thank you for sharing this with us! Your boys are so lucky to have you fighting for them.

  2. If only one day we could cure these poor people of their blackness. Uh, I mean autism.

    Yeah, lady, you're evil.

  3. I don't really get what you mean, but I don't think you get what you mean. You may want to consider psych meds for yourself "Anonymous"