Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Track It Tuesday

Well this fitness journey is now not so much an endeavour to lose weight anymore (but it really is about that).  It is about getting and staying healthy.  I managed to get myself from 266 lbs the day of my cancer surgery 2 years ago to 186 lbs, the day I ran my first half marathon nearly 2 months ago.

Well since the half marathon, I have been not really practicing the cleanest of eating habits or putting it all in at my workouts.  I have gained 10lbs, and I'm pissed.   Well TODAY is where it all changes.  I have been working out at the most fabulous gym for a couple of weeks  Renaissance ClubSport in Aliso Viejo, and the amenities are enough to make you want to stay there all day alone.

There are amazing top notch Elite Trainers at ClubSport and  I am able to utilize the services of a personal trainer and the nutrition counselor there.  My trainers name is Alley Miesch-Nie, and she has taken what I have already known about working out and kicked it up about 117 notches.  My workouts are intense and long ( an hour ) and there is no screwing around.  My heart rate stays in the optimum fat burning range the whole workout.    She took my training program for running my next half marathon, combined it with my Gunnar Challenge workouts and adding her technique of muscle confusion into the mix.  Last week when we took my son to surf camp, my legs hurt so bad walking the sand at the beach, I wanted to cry.  Today my workout was by far the hardest that I had worked and I left the gym pretty happy and excited that I'm out of the place lazy workouts and walked out of the gym drenched in sweat.  There is something so ridiculously therapeutic about that.  I even got a chuckle because Alexis Bellino from the Real Train Wrecks of Orange County was working out with full makeup and false eyelashes, I just don't understand that kind of workout I guess.

I had my consultation with Chuck Rudolph the Nutrition Counselor and he has put together a plan for my eating that fits into my lifestyle (of course I still have to plan for myself, as well as the family) and it has after a couple of days given me a lot of energy and I'm really not hungry.

So I am making the commitment to myself, my family, my friends and followers to get his last 20 (or 30) lbs. off of my body.

So here it is.  I will Track It every Tuesday and follow along, if you'd like.  Challenges, contests don't seem to do anything for me so I'm going to get back to what I do and what I know works, and just plain old honesty and accountability, in addition to the hard work.


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