Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Track It Tuesday - No Movement

The scale didn't move, and I did nothing but move all week.  I worked out, I ate well, probably drank a few too many glasses of wine.  But basically was on great track, so I am expecting big things next week for the end of the Gunnar Challenge, and I want to start getting back into my clothes.

You see, I threw out ALL of my fat clothes,  I have nothing, but a pair of shorts and my workout gear to wear right now.  So frustrating, but I feel things happening.  I feel good and confident that I will get out of my workout clothes and into a size 8 by the end of the year.  Or else, running capri's is all I will be wearing forever, because I reFUSE to buy a larger size.

I took an amazing cycle class yesterday at Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo.  What a crazy cardio workout, a little oxygen deprivation is good for everyone, right?   I thought I was very conditioned, but this class gave me room for pause, reflection and where I can improve. 

I need to get back onto the weight training and toning my flab!  So look out, I will be in the weight room!  YIKES!

The summer 15 and the funk that I have been in is going to be lifted.  I will lose this weight, the amazing woman that I dream of is here and I am ready to move forward, for life, for health and for my family.

Why does learning have to be so friggin' difficult?


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  1. Keep at it! You're totally doing amazing with the fitness part of this, and that's inspirational to me. :)

    You already are amazing!! :) And I <3 how your blog looks. I have to read more to get to know you better!