Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Old Face is looking smoother.... and mom is happy

Approximately 10 days after my first Fraxel treatment at Pure Indulgence Skin Rejuvenation, I went back for a Vibraderm treatment.   In my real speak it basically a paddle vibrating on my face and sluffing off all the old skin that was still not exfoliated from the Fraxel treatment.   Well let me tell you, today my face feels soft as a babies ass!  I am so happy and pleased with the results of the treatments I can't express it properly.

I took a friend with me last night for her first IPL laser treatment, and I believe she was happy too.  She left a little red faced because of the treatment, but the end results are going to be awesome.  There is a laser club available at Pure Indulgence for a monthly club charge of $225 you can get 4 laser treatments of your choice.  THAT IS A HUMONGOUS SAVINGS.  4 Laser Hair Treatments alone would be about $400 - $500.

This laser thing is really making me happy.  My face felt and looked so bad  because of the last few stressful years that I feel like at least now my face looks a little perkier.  Lack of sleep, lack of good skin care, old sun damage, and menopause all working against me.  I feel like the laser has at least given me an army to fight aging.  Genetically, I don't have good odds.  If you ever saw or met my Nana, there was not a centimeter on her face that didn't have a wrinkle on it!  So I'm taking my chances with the laser and so far 1 week post treatment I am beyond thrilled.

I am making more of an effort to take better care of my skin and purchases some new hats for the summer, some sunscreen other than Coppertone Water Babies (they laugh at you at salons if you tell them you use that).  I am also washing my face with the Skin Again Products that I got, it's a 3 step process, that really takes no time.  So I am making a pledge to not use baby wipes to wash my face and take off what little make up I wear!  Loving the Skin Again Radiance products a lot.

So I highly recommend Pure Indulgence if you are in the Orange County area, hit it up for an affordable and nice way to treat yourself and give a knock out punch to that aging process.
10 days post Fraxel and 1 day post Vibraderm  Smooth and happy!

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