Monday, May 21, 2012

New Face on the Old Head

I know, I know, I make fun of people with too much filler and plastic surgery.  Too much, not when it helps you feel better or look fresh.  We all know who the too much people are, Prisilla Presely, Suzanne Sommers, Joan VanArk, Joan Rivers.   My biggest fear is to look like them.  B

Well I succumbed today to help my skin and face get a little pick me up.  44 years of sun and fun, and the 5 years of sleepless nights and raising and autistic child, and the tears that have been shed over cancer, and just life and the happenings around me have made me look and feel a little older than I like.

So it was suggested to me to try out Laser Treatments for my face to help rejuvenate my looks.  I decided to go with Fraxel because I am crazy busy and do not have the time for a lot of maintenance and down time.  Fraxel works because there is no downtime.  I just look like I have a sunburn today, the skin will sluff off in the next 3 to 5 days and I just have to keep it moisturized.  Easy enough.

1 hour after Fraxel
So I went into Pure Indulgence Skin Rejuvenation in Laguna Niguel, CA and had the treatment.  I arrived and had to put numbing cream all over my face and chest and sit until it kicked in.  So my whole head felt like it was at the dentist.  Not really, but got numb, and I was ready for the laser.   As Gigi came in (the nurse who administers the procedure) the machine started beeping and off she went.  There is a big want that she will rub across your face and I'm not going to say it's painless, I'm glad there was numbing cream involved for sure.  It didn't hurt but it was a little uncomfortable.  But come on ladies, we have had babies for the love of God, that is pain, this not so much.

As we finished the treatment, Gigi gave me my care instructions, which are fairly basic and washing and moisturizing.  Now I am a pretty care free girl, and my skin care regimen - well I don't really have a skin care regimen - sometimes I wipe my eye makeup off with baby wipes, and maybe get some baby lotion on my face if it's feeling dry.  I KNOW that is terrible.  So I did get the Skin Again Radiance package.  A 3 step process before bed.  A cleanser, Lift & Hydrate serum, and Wrinkle Reduction cream.  It seems worth it to care for the treatment I just got.

Now I do look like I got a massive sunburn and my face is very hot but from my research and what everyone has told me that will be gone in a day or so.  But there is nothing I can not do today (except go in the sun and sweat).  Which for a real mom is the PERFECT treatment!

Thanks to Pure Indulgence, Gigi and Skin Again for bringing the life back to my face.


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