Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Gunnar Challenge Day 2 - Week 3

Okay, this challenge is teaching me a lot.  Challenging my brain as well as my body.  The workouts are challenging, but I'm killing them.  I've been sore, but able to work through them.

My biggest obstacle the first 2 weeks was ME!  Not planning for myself, the way I plan meals and days for my husband and kids kicked me right in the teeth.  The first week after killing EVERY workout and doing extra on the extra miles portion of the workouts, I lost 1 LB.  1 Freaking pound.  I drank on the holiday weekend, I ate too much guacamole and chips.  I was my biggest saboteur.  So week 2 I started the planning and was great at home, until I went away for my brothers 40th birthday.  No planning and I skipped workouts and meals, and over indulged.  I did lose  1.5 lbs, and 7 inches overall.  So something is happening to my body.  However more needs to be happening with my brain.

I need to learn, and know, and continually remember, I am worthy of the time that I give my family.  I am just as important as the rest of them, the kids and husband and dogs.  I need to plan and prepare and do for myself as I do for everyone else.  I do not always need to be the last on the list.

I got 80lbs off of my body in the last year and a half somehow.  But these last 20 are kicking my ass.  I appreciate and love the opportunity that the challenge is giving me to slim my ass down and rock this weight loss. 

I beat cancer, I continually help my kids fight their autism, I take care of my family, I have it in me to do this everyday, I just can't forget it.  The only way I'm going to get to continue to be a cancer survivor is to make myself the healthiest mom and wife I can be.  I ran a friggin' half marathon a month ago,  I am making this too hard, so I'm making every effort I can to CHANGE MY MIND, so I can CHANGE MY BODY, and I will "Look Great in 8".  So Gunnar, it's on!  This mom won't be stopped this week!



  1. Hey Rebecca, not sure if you were looking for feedback or not but after reading your blog I was as powerless to abstain as I am around a Reese’s Cup! Your blog fired ME up! Thank you. I love that you see beyond the pounds and inches. You see the ‘why’ and the importance for how fitness provides for many other aspects of your life. Not just the method to the madness, the MESSAGE to the madness! Thank you for taking the time to share that and to open that door. Hopefully someone else will now and then someone else and so on and so on…
    Good luck with the rest of the challenge and stay strong for your little ones. I’m crushing my cardio today in honor of your kids!!!


  2. Thank you Gunnar. I have always made things so difficult and on my run yesterday morning, thinking or over thinking as I do made me realize the head is the problem. So if I can progress into better organization and planning for me, I think I'll be happier and I will make the family happier. I will always strive!