Friday, June 15, 2012

The Real Mom went for Real frills this time

I went for the frills. Over the top unbelievably nice, so much more than what I expected it to be.  I joined a new gym......mmmm wait, I can not just call this place a gym, because really it is just a small slice of heaven.  After spending the last five years of this stupid economy pinching every penny and cutting back on everything and basically getting by on barely nothing because of our additional costs of autism therapy for our kids and still paying for my cancer surgeries, I didn't think I was worthy or deserved a setting this pristine.

Renaissance ClubSport in Aliso Viejo is my new state of Nirvana.  It is a Hotel, Spa and Fitness Center. Long story short the place has EVERYTHING.  I am not even kidding, I couldn't find a thing that they didn't provide to make working out so enjoyable, convenient and I CAN BRING MY KIDS.

The Kids Club is amazing and so nice.  The staff understands autism they make special provisions for those with special needs and that alone is a HUGE selling point to me.  There are structured activities and playtimes, facilities are over the top.  I truly can't wait to try that out the boys will like it. This gives me absolutely zero excuses as to why I couldn't get to the gym.

They have pools, which everyone knows my kids love, and they have a splash zone water spray park.  I mean seriously,  I don't ever have to leave this place.  After my workouts I can pick up the kids and we can spend the afternoons at the pool playing.  It's the country club life!! The facilities are just beautiful, it's a world class hotel and I want to move in!!

What really turned me on and what I was looking for we're fitness classes. My current gym has some, but they really aren't held at a time that fit my schedule.  Renaissance has so many classes you'd have to be a member about 2 years to try them all out.  The cycle room was great and so clean.  The cardio equipment is state of the art and I will not be stuck watching reruns of Law and Order the TV's because each machine, get this has it's own tv!  Ha!

Do not even get me started on the locker room.  OMG! I will just post pictures because I can not put into words.  It smells like a spa not a locker room.  The lockers and showers are beautiful. The jacuzzi, steam room, sauna.  I probably could just hang out in there all day.  I actually think some women did :)

The last and final thing that I'll say is that the staff and other members are all so pleasant and helpful.  I guess if you work in paradise, or workout in such a calm and beautiful setting it will do wonders for the attitude.

In my final stages battle of my weight loss, and trying to get seriously focused and back on track to train for the Disneyland half marathon and get rid of this last 20 to 30 pounds, I decided I am giving my last 20 pounds to Renaissance ClubSport. 

If you'd like there are guest passes available, and tell the sales staff you heard about them from The Real Mom of OC for a special discount.




  1. Amazing!!!! Enjoy every minute of it!! Here's to the last 20! Kick it to the curb!

  2. YES!! The place is well worth every penny spent! I love it!!