Friday, February 17, 2012

Real Train wrecks Episode 2 - Season 7

It is now obvious that none of the Real Housewives of anywhere have ever read Emily Post about how to act at a dinner party.   Seriously, who do these broads think they are?  It is ever apparent that no matter how much money they have or pretend to have that they are not buying class with that money.

Good Lord,  Vicki has a lovely dinner party and Alexis is gagging and talking about barfing at the TABLE?!  What kind of people raised you?

You ladies went to great lengths to get yourself into the social scene that you are in yet you show WEEKLY that the trailer park is where you came from (I'm kind of afraid I may be offending the people that live in a trailer park, because I'm sure they have better manners and class that the Real Train wrecks).

Gretchen, I gotta tell you, I would never spend that kind of money on a handbag, but your ad looked great.  Thanks for supporting breast cancer.  And I have a feeling that you and Tamra may not have a friendship anymore, she's the meanest most judgement throw you under the bus broad ever.  She makes it embarrassing to be a chick.   Stay away from her, she is like a cancer.

Heather,  yeah, I'm having a real hard time feeling sorry for your proposal story on a plane to Paris.    Your big house, and cars, yeah that's just a shame he proposed on the plane to Paris and not actually in Paris.  Oh yeah, just because you live on Billionaire's Row (according to you) doesn't mean that everyone is going to know who are as an actress.  You were really in some block buster Oscar seeking flicks.  Can you say "C" List??  You aren't making it easy to like you.

Alexis,  honey, when you are at a dinner party,  you should just ask questions and listen to the answers,  don't talk to much, it's painful to watch you.  I know it may be mommy brain and filling 3 sippy cups a day for breakfast is oh so hard, and applying that drag queen make up daily to go to Starbucks.  You EMBARRASS moms and housewives.  Stop saying everyone in Orange County does this, because you know what WE DON'T.  We pay our mortgages don't bankrupt ourselves, short sell our houses, and buy new ones for cash. We are Real you my dear are a TRAIN WRECK, at least you are a little entertaining.  And you're friend Peggy should have told you about dating your husband, it's both their fault.

Vicki,  Brooks seems nice.  Does it get exhausting to be you?  I mean you are a successful mom, business woman, etc, you really need someone telling you every hour how awesome you are?  Do you ever tell anyone else how awesome they are?  Just sayin.  And please, stay away from Tamra she is crazy loony and talks about you behind their back.  Do you really want to be friends with someone that can't take a joke?  Do you need to be friends with someone that wants to put your boyfriends hand on her boob???  Could she be more disrespectful and gross?  Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are.  That woman is like black tar on your foot at the beach, dirty, stinky, annoying and it's hard to get away from.

Tamra,  please go read a book on class.  You are the tackiest woman in OC.  You have no class, you act like a 17 year old.  You do realize that your kids will eventually see this, so you have last years bathtub scene, and now you're putting strangers hands on your boobs in public.  Way to class it up.  How much therapy do you think your girls are going to need?

Well this season has a lot more in store I'm sure, and I can't wait to see what the ladies duke it out about.  Hope it gets better from here because it's a little boring. But I do welcome the guilty pleasure and get away from any sort of reality, because there is no reality in that TV when these chicks are on it.


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