Tuesday, February 28, 2012

30 day fitness challenge - Barry's Bootcamp

I have begun a 30 day fitness challenge at Barry's Boot Camp in Irvine, CA.  Their fitness philosophy is Run, Lift, Repeat.  The workouts are intense.  My first day as a 44 year old woman and one week shy of being 2 years cancer free, I am taking on this quest to get myself fit for good.

My first workout today was with instructor Scott Perry.  It was a great workout.  I probably (no I know I could have done better).  3 weeks ago I was struck with pneumonia, and haven't quite gotten my wind back.  So this will be a work in progress.

My first half marathon is on May 6th, so this is a great cross training solution to my days when I am not out running on the road.  It will make me stronger, and hopefully faster, and increase my endurance.  I am putting my faith into the instructors at Barry's. The final day of this challenge will end with me running the 5K Irvine Lake Spring Break Mud Run.  I need to redeem myself from the pathetic time I ran it in last summer.

If you want to do something to kick your fitness up a notch, I suggest and recommend an intense workout like this Boot camp.  Barry's Boot Camp has several location across the country, and 1 in Orange County.  I am TOTAL germophobe, and I have to tell you, this gym smells clean, it looks clean and there is someone cleaning the equipment the second the room is clear.  It gives me a sense of peace to know that I'm not working out in a Petrie dish.

This challenge is hopefully enabling me to lose the last 20 lbs that I have been carrying. I spent a year losing 80 and need and want this last 20 lbs off of my ass.  So Barry's Boot Camp, the challenge is yours to get this 20 lbs off my rump.  :)



  1. Sounds perfect! Good luck to you!!!


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today! What an amazing woman you are to have survived cancer and now conquer 1/2 marathons! You inspire me :)

    I just subscribed to your blog and am looking forward to reading more!