Monday, August 29, 2011

They Walk Amongst Us

When I say “They”, I mean the Asshats.   According to  an asshat is a person who has their head shoved up their ass, wearing it as a hat, therefore making them an asshat.  It maybe just that I was hormonal, but I’m fairly certain that hormonal or not, there are a lot of asshats and it’s hard to pick them out because they walk amongst us.  Who was the asshat in your week?

This past week I particularly irritated with several groups so I have decided to call them out for being asshats.

The Social Worker who evaluated my son for extra services – ASSHAT – LARGE, “He looks to cute to have Autism” – really lady- I wasn’t sure Autism had a look.   She’s the educated professional, and I’m the dumbass that didn’t go to college and that is what she got for tens of thousands of dollars in student loans?  I’m glad I saved my parents that humiliation.

The idiot neighbor on my street that thinks coming around the corner screeching 40 miles an hour is okay.

Some of the blog posters on the online paper I write for, just your pompous and arrogance alone make you asshats.  Just because you have a bigger vocabulary than some of us doesn’t mean you aren’t hopelessly misguided.

Those of you that drive and text ASSHATS.  If you want to kill yourself on the road, please go drive off a cliff or into a wall but stay the hell out of my lane and my car with my children in it.  What you have to say in your world may be earth shattering and ground breaking but it's not more important than the rest of us on the roads life.  Get over yourselves.

The IT guy at my work, another asshat. Perhaps if you didn’t smell like weed all day, after one week of working I’d have an e-mail address where I could more effectively do my job.

My lovely neighbor that called the police on me thinking that the therapists/behaviorist that are here for therapy for my kids everyday for the last 2 years are call girls and I’m running a brothel out of my house.  You are just sad in so many ways, I don’t know what to say.

Done with my vent.  Have a nice day!



  1. LOL!!!! Yep tons of asshats out there!! Stay strong sister!!!

  2. I also encountered a few last week, I would love to blame it on a full moon. But its not true, some people are born asshats.

    Parents are worse bullies than kids.

  3. Wow... I sat here, mouth hanging open in shock as I read this post... I am so sorry, but you seem to be surrounded by complete idiots! SMH... I am so shocked, I'm actually at a loss for words! LOL

    New follower from the FNF Blog Hop! Please follow back! Thanks!