Thursday, August 4, 2011

That old Bastard,

I made it this morning.  The effort, the clean eating, the energy to get out on my run this morning.  I took my two dogs and off we went.  I walked for 5 minutes to get myself rolling, I stretched at my neighborhood park and off I went.  I was going to kick this runs ass and get over the autism blow I was served this week.

My neighborhood is hilly and there are some real butt burning hills that sometimes I avoid and most of the time I walk up the bigger hills.  Well the largest hill Camalote St. after running up Vista Del Lago I thought I can take this today, I feel the need to kick some ass.  So slowly I took on the beast of a hill and I made it!!!  I didn't go into respiratory arrest or pass out at the top.   However,  there was an older gentleman standing under a tree at the top of the hill with his dog, and he waves me down as I get to thte top to say "WOW!  I'm impressed a girl of your size could run up a hill like that.",  Well gee thanks you old codger.

I was feeling pretty svelte and in shape this morning until that old bastard took the wind out of my sails.  But I did get a good laugh at him.  Kids and old people have a no bull - s_it filter and they say it as they see it. 

So as I got my 3 miles in with a craptastic time, I felt good that I got it done and didn't make an excuse not to go.  I always feel better after the sweat starts pouring no matter how much I don't want to do it.   But I am coming to grips that I really am not that great of a runner, I need to probably work with someone I don't breath right, I am sure I could do better than I do, but it's my thing to do alone and I'm doing the best that I can.

As Scarlett O'Hara said "Tomorrow is another day", I will run again and get a better time.   And with my new kicks I got I feel I can run farther and faster!

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  1. LOL. Some people make me shake my head! Definitely, no shit filter. jajaja.

    Exactly as Scarlett said! You can do it my friend!