Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Nerve of Some People

I almost bit my tongue off today, keeping my thoughts about a woman to myself today.   She goes to a FREE social skills play group that is generously put on by a therapy company once a month for children with Autism.  If you are familiar with Autism then you know the waiting list to get into a real social skills class or group is months long and very very expensive.

So back in February when Wellspring started doing this free social skills class with a lot of their therapist in attendance to assist the kids with interacting and socializing with other autistic kids, I was all for it and was happy, because Franklin can use all the help he can get in that area.  Now this is not a free babysitting opportunity, parents stay, and frankly I keep an eye on my kid and when I see he is wandering away from the group I assist in leading him back to the pack.  It is also an opportunity for me to learn new and different ways to teach my kids how to interact with each other, and with other kids.  It's just a great thing that they put on and I'm happy to be a part of it.  A lot of other moms that I know attend and I've met some good families through it, and it is so good to see families with a common thread with the kids being social and happy.

Now comes the part where I get pissed at a mom.  Last month an email went out from the company saying they had to limit attendance.  So I went back on the invitation site to read the comments.   Well this ridiculous idiot said she thought there were too many kids and not enough staff to help supervise the children, so the owner of the company shut down attendance.  SERIOUSLY????  I have watched this woman for months sit on a bench in this park and her kid runs wild, it is hard to engage children with autism and I understand that completely. But I get my fat ass off of the stupid bench and I help my kid play with others I'm not far from him and I'm helping this amazing company that is basically giving my child and invaluable service for FREE!!!

Well today we ventured out to this months social skills group.  The park that this is held at has a small water feature.  A little fountain that squirts water out of the ground, it has been there the many many months we have been having social skills at this particular park.  You have to be blind and deaf to not know that part of the playground could have your child encountering water.   So this idiot mother today starts chewing ass on one of the supervisors because today there was going to be water balloons and squirt guns, like there was last month (which she killed attendance on because of her bitching about supervision).   So the therapist had water balloons, water guns and grouchy lame selfish mother can't believe no one told her that there would be a chance they might get wet.    Wait, seriously lady..... there is a WATER FOUNTAIN in the middle of the damn play ground, you should have the common sense that God gave a billy goat to bring a towel or a change of clothes to this park because it is absolutely going to happen that your child may get splashed with water.  I mean it's the middle of August in Southern California, it's not like anyone is going to get a chill if they get a little damp.  AAAHHHHH.  I wanted to scream at her - YOU ARE GOING TO RUIN THIS FOR EVERYONE IF YOU KEEP UP WITH YOUR LAZY NO GOOD ATTITUDE WITH THIS COMPANY.

I had to walk away because I really have nothing nice to say to her.  She is going to make it something that the owner of Wellspring is not going to want to do anymore.  I am so grateful when people do things for our kids.  Our Jiu-Jitsu class, Surfers Healing, Wellspring Social Skills, all selfless acts of kindness from people that are trying to make the lives of children and families affected by autism easier and nice.  The kids little lives are hard enough with all the neurological bullshit that they have to overcome.  When beautiful opportunities are freely handed to us to participate in, go and help your children enjoy, learn and grow.  Do not bitch that free things are not to your liking.  

My suggestion to this ogre of a mother is to put herself on a waiting list and pay for a social skills group, then bitch at them all you want.  But please, for the love of God, stop  stop stop bitching openly about an amazing group that so many kids are benefiting from because you are lazy and don't want to help your kid participate and aren't smart enough to know to pack an extra set of clothes when there is a water park at the play site.

I feel for moms with autism I truly truly do.  I would never attack a mom of a special needs kids, but this woman pushed me over the brink today.  This class would easily cost $150, after a six month waiting period, and we get to go once a month for free and Franklin and so many of the other kids that go love it I would hate to see one sour grape ruin it for the whole bunch of us.  Because if that does happen I will not be able to hold my tongue and I will tell this ungrateful human what I truly think of her.  I just do not and will not understand people that have no gratitude in their life.



  1. What a wretched woman with a ridiculous sense of entitlement! It sounds like a wonderful program for which she needs to close her mouth and just be grateful! We want to try it sometime too.

  2. People like this ungrateful woman ruin it for the rest of us!!! We have gone twice and my kiddos love it. It's nice when companies will do small things for families because they know how much services cost. People like this woman need to learn gratitude as their attitude!