Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Amazing Summer

For kids and families with autism summer can be a hard time because of the change of routine and lack of structure.  As the summer is coming to a close and we are getting ready to go back to school, I have to say I think we conquered this summer with gusto.  My kids were great, and we had a fantastic summer.  Of course autism always has it’s moments and sometimes runs the show more than I would like but all in all I think we did well.

The Adventures of Franklin and Jackson and the Summer of ‘11
  • Franklin was in Surf Camp thanks to Surfers Healing and rode some waves
  • Jackson is officially reciting the Alphabet
  • We swim and giggle everyday
  • Franklin learned to swim alone with no floating devices
  • Franklin dresses himself independently
  • Franklin is participating and loving going to Jiu Jitsu
  • Jackson is doing puzzles by himself
  • Everynight we have Shake-o-rama dance party after Dora and Diego Marathons
  • Both boys watch hours of Backyardigans and dance to the music
  • Jackson says "Happy Birthday" when prompted at birthday parties

I am not saying our summer was without strife or stress, because of course it was.  This crap ass economy, trying to find a job, keep a house clean, keep kids and a husband all happy and content while staying sane was pretty much accomplished (even when it seemed like it wasn’t accomplished).  These boys have so much to overcome to crack away at the Autism shell that encapsulates them, and they work hard and they are happy.  There were days when I would have wanted to throw in the towel, but if I look at the big picture of this summer, I am a happy proud mom strutting around her yard like a peacock at how this amazing summer took them so far.


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