Sunday, April 17, 2011

Real Moms vs. Real Housewives Episodes 7 & 8

I missed posting my critique of last weeks episode because frankly, the ladies are a little dull.  Great deal of time spent yapping about each other and Tamara's stupid joke at Alexis' party.  Obviously these chicks really need to consider counseling or Bravo needs to get some more women for this show because Tamara's classless joke has now been going on for 3 episodes.  Seriously?!  I guess it's just indicative of the classless no stick figures these women are.

But as we watch Vicki and Don's marriage crumble on TV, it really makes me feel bad for Don.  He seems like a truly nice person and Vicki is just all about me me me me me me.  If the people around her are not CONSTANTLY telling her how awesome she is she friggin' pouts like a 5 year old.  I mean come on, she blabs endlessly about how much she works, and how great she works yet last week she spanked and employee and gave another one a whole $20 bucks.  Wow, what a boss!  I am not the center of anyone's universe except maybe my 2 year old's and I am acutely aware of how good and how hard I am working at being a mom and if my husband or friends forget to tell me for a month or something, I will go on.

Tamara is all happy with her boyfriend. Good thing, because it looks like by the end of this season she is basically going to trash talk everyone on the show because she thinks she is so awesome, even after the total and complete humiliation she is putting her little kids through she still is sitting on the interview after the show with her tata's hanging out like a wanna be pole dancer.

Gretchen, seriously, I wouldn't worry so much about the fact that you think Slade is fat, but perhaps make him shower, he looks greasy.  And you're voice Gretchen honestly is starting to great on the last nerve.  You are not middle aged or married with kids.  Get away from those unhappy broad before they suck you into the abyss of their pre-menopausal mindset.  They are all crabby, and mean ladies.  So stop trying to be friends with them.  Forget about Tamara and Vicki already,  I doubt seriously that you will find two more irritable and discontent people than those chicks.

I am shocked and find it really funny that with all the show these women put on to look good for everyone, at how much time they actually spend whining.  Tamara whines, Vicki whines (unless of course she is pontificating about how much she works to the anyone that will listen), Alexis whines about her kids (you're a stay at home mom).

I just love my friends and the women that I socialize with because we really do represent "REAL" moms.   I like that we would have a picnic at the park, or just have a paper cup full of wine while roasting marshmallows in our cul-de- sac.  When we are having house or money troubles we aren't at the most expensive restaurants in OC.  We are actually not "modifying" our loans or "short selling" our houses.  We are buckling down and not buying 75 lbs worth of lip gloss for daily consumption.   And I love that if one of us pissed the other off over a classless joke, we would have dealt  with it quickly, quietly and it would not have been brought up over and over and over  by multiple texts, meals, and different people for several weeks.  What is wrong with you women???? Seriously????  Your lives can not be that shallow.  Maybe,  just maybe, you all might want to try volunteering and getting out from under the Botox and hair extensions for an afternoon and see if you have something to bring to the table instead of crying about what you aren't getting?   Just a thought.

Real Moms vs. Real Housewives,  my (limited) money will always be on the Real Moms that sacrifice for their kids, and husbands.  Who get served last at the dinner table, who are up before everyone and to bed after everyone to make sure everyone has all they need to have a successful happy day.  My "me" time is  the smile on my kids faces, because I know I had a big part in putting the smile there.   I hope the "Housewives" find that kind of contentment in anything than the material (that they obviously can no longer afford).



  1. I love love love you Bec!!!!

  2. I hear you writing a blog elsewhere???? Please let us know as Im sure we are all craving to read about the truth you tell!!! XO