Saturday, April 16, 2011

Putting some spring in my Spring Break.

All I can say is thank goodness that it is Easter Vacation for my son this week.  It just eliminates a slew of things off of my daily chore list.  As much as I think the 4 year old needs a break from his 40 hours a week of school and therapy,  I need just as much of a break from getting him ready and participating in his therapy sessions.

I am looking forward to a week of what moms with "typical" kids do on vacation.  What a novelty.  Maybe I'll throw both kids in the stroller and run at the beach?  Maybe we'll go to a park during the day not right after dinner, maybe we can go to the beach, maybe they'll stay in their jammies all day.  I still go to my 5am - 11am job, before daddy goes to work.  I am sure by Friday I will be begging for school to start again after a week with a 4 your old with Autism and the Terrorist 2 year old, but for now I can't wait to run around with them and just play and be happy.

I'm kind of excited to see what the week may have in store for us, but also a little apprehensive because Franklin is so attached and reliant on the routine that it may not go well.  But I am going to go into this week with a positive outlook and see what God puts in front of us.

The weather is beautiful, I am going to get back on the running track this week, I have only run 4x this week for just 2 miles.  My race is coming up on May 7th so I need to kick it into gear.  I have literally been exhausted in many ways this week so I am looking forward to the rest and getting all things back in order and kicking ass.

I am excited about Easter, I think the kids understand a little of what is happening, I have been practicing hiding eggs and putting them in a basket for them, and getting all excited, and they are giggling with anticipation when I  get the baskets out to play with.

So after an exhausting week emotionally and physically,  I am ready to put the spring back in my step and hold my head up, play with my kids, cook, eat, (clean) run.  Get it going back on again, and moving forward to my favorite time of year.  

I hope everyone has a great week, and really remember what this week is for.  Jesus died for our sins so we could live.  Let's get out there and ask for forgiveness, and live the life we were meant to.


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