Sunday, April 3, 2011

Real Housewives vs. Real Moms - Episode 5

Bravo should consider changing the name of this series the the Contradictory Housewives of Orange County.  They are obviously using the term Reality Television loosely, because the real Real People of Orange County can't even on their worst day act like this.

I thought it was very nice of Alexis to throw a party for the ladies but once again have one of the ladies just be as white trash and classless as she could and bring out some mace at the end of the party.  WHO DOES THAT???  I don't get the opportunity to go to  a lot of parties because I actually care for my own kids and don't have a staff to do it for me.  But ladies for goodness sakes you are going to your friend/co-workers Botox party and you're bringing mace with you?  You are not going to a gangsta record label party.   Yet another testimonial to the fact that no matter how much money you pretend to have, it won't give you one ounce of class.

Tamra, save that money you're making from the Housewives because once again your exemplary behavior and ridiculous statements are that which will do nothing but make your children sooooo proud.  NOT!!!  Honestly, have all the shots of Patron you've done completely dissolved any brain cells you have or just the ones that give a person class???  And if your boyfriend is a whiner because you have your wedding dress in storage he might be too much of a sissy la la to be in anything for the long haul.  He might just be looking to get his mug on TV.

Vicki,  EVERYONE works,  no one should be considered LUCKY because you came somewhere during work hours which the party was after 6pm.  Everyone gets you're a crazy business woman but for the love of Pete and all that is holy, stop telling us that "I'm Working, I work" WE GET IT.  If that is all you have to make yourself feel good, you might want to see someone for that.
We ALL work hard, especially moms that are stay at home, moms with a special needs kid, mom with no help, working moms with no nannies or full time house keepers.  We all work hard.  You are not unique or different or special.  As much as you need everyone to tell you how great you are all the time.  You are just another working woman in OC that happens to make a little more cash than most but we all work as hard as you, so QUIT YAPPING ABOUT IT.     You have built an amazing life and just want people to tell you how great you are stop being so needy for crying out loud 6 years later it's boring to hear about.   Do something for a charity, switch it up a little, ask someone else how they are doing.  Even though you are the Original Housewife everything (thank goodness) is NOT about you.  There is a whole world that the rest of us live in.

Peggy,  Holistic and Plastic Surgery and Botox, and your house is in foreclosure.  OKAY,  does anyone else think that there is something irresponsible and wrong with that?  You can't seriously be saying you are getting your boobs done to look perfect yet you aren't paying your mortgage.  I don't get the reality in that.  My husband and children prefer a roof over their head than Botox to paralyze the laugh lines from the joy my family brings me.  Your modeling pictures were beautiful and maybe you should stop injecting stuff into your face because there is a "less is more" philosophy for facial fillers that obviously isn't practiced in Orange County, but y'all should learn it.  Too much of anything is not a good thing.

Fernanda, congratulations on your citizenship.  I don't see anything good happening with you and Tamra together she's not so nice.

I'm sorry that the "Housewives" are representing us in Orange County so poorly.  I am friends with so many wonderful women that work their tails off for their kids and do without a lot of stuff to take care of their families with no nannies.    Alexis not everyone in Orange County is forced to have Big Boobs, Blonde hair, and Botox to live here.  Some of us actually think that taking care of our kids, paying our mortgages, and doing our best to be good people is the most important.  Your husband wants  you to be hot and perfect with all your beauty treatments, but I wonder if he ran out of money and you were forced to live in an apartment with no nanny on any day, and no shopping and no ME time if you would actually stay with him?

I do without some stuff that I used to have when I could work and stay home and help with therapy for my special needs kid and a lot of our money goes to that and we do forego extra things for ourselves in order to give things to our kids.   After 6 years of watching your franchise I'm just not sure that I see any of you women giving up anything for yourselves and your putting your kids first.  That is a huge difference between a REAL MOM and a Real Housewife.


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