Monday, February 17, 2020

The Unexpected Gift

4 years ago this weekend, I took a class.  I got my Motorcycle endorsement to legally ride a motorcycle.  I had been a passenger on my husbands Harley Davidson for a little over a year, and wanted to spread my wings so to speak and try something new and get my own bike.

I passed the class, passed the test, and my life was forever changed, without expecting it.  I really did this, got on the back of the bike and learned to ride for my husband, it was something he loved, and we needed to shake things up a bit.  Our life was a rut,  a serious rut, parents of little kids with special needs your life is an appointment book of therapies and eggshell walking.  So while I was aware and respectfully fearful of the risks of motorcycle riding, I took the challenge, and got a gift.

I am fairly certain that Harley Davidson was largely responsible for repairing some serious cracks in our marriage.  80% of special needs parents/marriages end in divorce, for a variety of reasons.  We were on a very slippery slope when I first got on the back of his bike 5 years ago.  But I got on the back, and I had to touch him, trust him, listen and follow his instructions, something I fought for a long time, as a mom and a wife.  But it helped, it changed us, it strengthened us.

Being on my bike, was the absolute only thing I could do, that took my mind off of my kids special needs, and all of the thoughts that come with those needs.  When you're on a bike, you have to be laser focused on the road and all around you, there is no room in that tunnel for the "what if someone isn't nice to my child at school" thoughts.  It brought me a relief, a strength, it rebuilt my mind, it lifted me out of a sea of motherhood sludge, it brought me respite and relief that no anti-depressant or therapist could.  Now when I say that, don't think I don't love being a mom, because it was what I was born to do, I love it.  I'm good at it as long as I don't have to make Pinterest projects.

This gift of a motorcycle that I got turned into a lifestyle and a life.  The bike gave me more of a gift than I ever thought fathomable.  The Orange Coast Harley Owners Group has brought some great relationships, we have seen roads and sights that you never experience in a car.  I have ridden my bike over the Golden Gate Bridge, through a Giant Redwood, I have ridden and stopped in the Fabulous Five National Parks in Utah.  My adventures will continue on my Harley.

So as I reflect on this anniversary that significantly altered my life for the better, I want to thank Harley Davidson for the gift and the lifestyle and the fun and adventure and bringing me back to life.

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  1. This had me tearing up with happy tears. I love this. I envy you. I know I need to get well and find my “Harley” time again, also that bonding time with my husband. You found that secret fountain and I am so proud of you.