Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The growing pains decade to the Roaring 20's

My life is good, I am grateful, and I am happy.  Sitting here sick, and watching social media, and reading every one's end of decade lists, and what they've been through and where they are going, and it just got me to thinking, because I live by the seat of my pants and am most of the time I'm just trying to catch my breath and fold some laundry while driving, working, raising children, being married and keeping some modicum of order.  What really happened in this decade?  Holy crap, it was good, it was bad, and some stuff was really ugly.

2000's - The Decade I became a real Grown Up, met/married the husband, changed careers, bought houses, sold houses, had 2 babies, lost a parent, survived a shitty economy.

The 2010's while they started out with a bam, we had a new 1 year old and a 3 year old recently diagnosed with autism, he was just starting pre-school, my husband had a great job.  Things were not ideal, but we were managing, and making headway and grieving what was a fairly seriously life changing medical diagnosis for our first born.  But starting in 2010 we had a snowball effect of great and devastating circumstances that would take any sane person for a loop.

In 2010 we were adjusting to autism, and the therapies that come with it, when I was diagnosed with cancer.  6 months of surgeries, I was cancer free and rebuilt.  My first TACA meeting.

2011- Our 2nd child was diagnosed with autism, the crushing blow took away my breath and faith.  I started my blog.

2012 - I took my health and sanity back and tried to heal, met some other autism moms and started running.  It did something for me, it helped heal my heart, clear my head, and with every step that hit the pavement I released some heartache, and gained some strength. Autism started to not sleep, probably the most brutal time. Lost 80 lbs.

2013 - I ran my first half marathon, I ran my 2nd half marathon, I accepted what autism was in our lives, and started working on ways to help my kids have better lives than the crap diagnosis and pathetic life the system sets them up for.  We got Disneyland Annual Passes, and I loved it, it put my kids out in the real world, and forced them to grow.  My first TACA Conference

2014 - The Sleepless Years - Autism Slept - Rarely, it was brutal.  The behavior years, my son was hurting, it was palpable.  The tears flowed freely, his behavior was off the charts, and the school district, doctors, and family were helpless.  The first time I sued the school district, and won and started our AAC Journey.

2015 - The Year Harley Davidson entered our life.  The year my kids finally started to love the beach, our first big family road trip, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, new school for one kid, and many many cool things for Jackson.  This was a good year, this was the year I had the most Autism hope since diagnosis. Jackson was in a school play.

2016 - Road Trips, Beach Days, Lake Days, Fun, Family, and the day that changed our lives.  A traumatic brain injury, someone let my son get hurt, some people didn't care he got hurt.  His recovery was torturous, painful, and it was a devastating setback for him.  "Friends" walked away from us, because they're of the opinion "no voice no value" and because my son can't physically talk, they really didn't think he deserved dignity, safety or respect. last time I ran a half marathon.  I got my motorcycle license and my own Harley Davidson. The adventure began.

2017 - AMAZING NEW SCHOOL for Franklin, Jackson found things he loved, music, dance, sports, going to Angel games, USC games, road trips, beach days, lake days, Disney days.  With the horrible effects of post concussion syndrome took a toll on our family and my sweet boy Franklin.  Unreal new Harley Davidson adventures, first vacation without the kids.  Menopause. Laid off of a job.

2018 - Franklin's health improved significantly, and we started to see some strides from his horrible setback.  Jackson was in a school play, played baseball, loved to stay with grandparents overnight.  Fantastic road adventures on the Harley through Utah and all the beauty of the National Parks. Laid off of a job.

2019 -  Wow, kids in puberty, schools, health, things for my kids are great.  We gave up our Disney passes this year, it was sad, but we were grateful for all the things Disney provided to our kids growth. Working always working, keeping our financial heads above water, loving our journeys that Harley Davidson provides us.  Grateful always grateful I'm a Real Mom and not a Real Housewife.  Lost 2 good friends to Cancer, and was brought back into

This decade was good, bad and ugly.  There are things I want to bring back for the "Roaring 20's", and things I want to let go of, dreams I have for myself, my kids and our family.  I think the blog is coming back more frequent and regular, running is coming back, hopefully hot flashes will go away. 

So Bring it on 2020.  We're ready for you. :)

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