Thursday, December 8, 2016

Life Lessons of the Year

2016 - Wow, just wow!  You have kicked me, thrown me, elated me, deflated me, and brought joys and sorrow, and fear and a fight, and a gratitude and attitude that has touched every part of me.

So what have a I learned this year.

My kids safety and well being comes first - always, over you and your feelings.

4 Wheels Move the Body, 2 Wheels (especially under a Harley) Move the Soul - I LOVE MY MOTORCYCLE

The staff in Doctors Offices are nice to you if you're nice to them, bring them coffee or treats and your wait is minimal.

Salted Caramel anything cures most strife in my head.

Trust cautiously, not everyone has your best interests at heart.

 Always find a way to be of service.

If you think you might get lost on your motorcycle, stop for gas first.

Expect kindness and if you get less, move on and move away quick.

You are worthy of all good things.

My children are amazing creatures that are to be respected, loved, treated kindly, and that competence and abilities should always be assumed and not doubted.

Anyone that doesn't think ^ that about my children, is kicked off the team.

Being tired won't kill me - but it does make me feel emotions a lot more.

Random acts of kindness are awesome.

Watching only the local news makes you not smart.

I don't know what "bae" is or "on fleek" - and I've managed to survive, and I'm still really cool.

The Miracle of Mercy is the most amazing force on the planet.  We all have gotten it and we all should give it.

A traumatic brain injury doesn't go away overnight and it changes EVERYTHING.

Being a mom and a wife is hard and comparing your life to other's Facebook perfect family is bullshit.  Be the best you can be, and your family will adore you.

 There is still no better anti-depressant than a fantastic sweat!!!

Welcome new experiences

Be Brave.

Stand your Ground.

Standing Alone is better than being knocked down.

I am mediocre at some things, and awesome at somethings and it's okay.

What other people tell me about how I'm not doing right or good is their business and their problem.

Learning how to protect and defend myself with a firearm was an amazing empowering experience.

Getting out of my comfort zone this year opened my mind and my heart and I now look forward to an amazing 2017. 

I plan nothing around Star Wars - it's just a movie. 

Think for yourself.

Sometimes your feelings will be hurt, but it won't kill you - see what you can learn from it.

Standing out is far superior to "fitting in"

Love everything, if it doesn't love you back - it's the loser not you.

There is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS something to be thankful for.

What life lessons did you learn this year?

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