Thursday, December 15, 2016

Poke - Real Mom Dining Adventures

I have to venture all over Orange County for my kids to get speech therapy, and sometimes I can NOT just sit in a waiting room.  So today I ventured out with another parent, way out of my comfort zone, and found a little whole in the wall in Brea - Poke Avenue.  I have had poke before, from a local restaurant and I'm comfortable and like the poke salad, and that was the extent of my poke experience.

As we walked in we were politely greeted by staff, and ordered our bowls.  You have a choice of Poke Burritos, or Bowls.   And you pick your base, white or brown rice, your proteins,  they have a large choice of fish that was very fresh, and we also got to pick the vegetables.  There was a wide variety of sauces to add to your bowl.  I let the staff recommend, after I picked spicy tuna, and salmon. 

They quickly assembled the order and we got to dig in.  It was delish!  Like a little sushi, salad, burst of flavor party in your mouth.  The portion was plenty of food, the rice was cooked to perfection, and I loved the experience.

So if you're in Brea stop by 860 W. Imperial Hwy., Brea.  Parking is easy, and the restaurant is clean and friendly.

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