Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year Fresh Start

Have I told you lately that I have fallen in love with a market by my house.? A couple of years ago Fresh and Easy moved into my neighborhood, and I couldn’t have been more thankful.  The market is close, their brand is outstanding and the prices are right!

I am always on the lookout to eat healthier and I need eating healthy to be easy. I got an email from Fresh and Easy highlighting the program New Year Fresh Start.   A 31 days of healthier eating calendar with selections from the Fresh and Easy products that are so far all delicious.  The other amazing thing about this calendar and meal plan is that it lists the caloric content of the items listed on each particular day.  HELLO !!! Genius.  It compliments my entire week of meal planning and really gives me fabulous ideas of meals to make for my family.  There are even things that my EXTREMELY picky eating children will eat!  SCORE!!

The last few days I have been using the calendar as a guide for my eating to stay sugar free, gluten free and grain free, and I have so many options available to me at Fresh and Easy, and I know the products are fresh, they are healthy and they are really very tasty, my favorite items are the Fresh and Easy Beef Fajitas, Fresh and Easy eat well Mediterranean Chicken, and the Fresh and Easy green Super Smoothie. 

So many of us started the new year resolving to eat healthier, and it is so hard for us moms to stick to something when it is overwhelming, Fresh and Easy is the answer I had been looking for. I highly recommend #newyearfreshstart at Fresh and Easy,  it is Fresh and it is Easy (see what I did there)   Fresh and Easy is the key to keeping me with healthy quick and delicious meal options for my family.

Happy New Year!!!

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